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Nike‘s latest advertising: Count on Kobe

In this world, some things occur are generally unchanging as truth. As the rising of the sun, the seasons, and Kobe Bryant as long as there will be able to rule the entire stadium. Nike has just launched a new ad "Count on Kobe (rely Bryant) is also based on this creation. Interesting pictures and images of the film at the same time the use of unique control over Bryant, basketball skills, as well as beginning to end for basketball tireless efforts and dedication, unfolding in front of people.

In fact, the focus on the performance in the video is not a technology Bryant on the court, but he all aspects of the basketball world.From his day-to-day training, to him before the supplement energy foods, as well as, I must mention, Kobe 8 System shoes on his feet - this far, lightest, lowest to help basketball shoes. The movie conveys an information: Union campaign 17 years after Bryant on the court ruled already transformed into a law of nature. Regardless of the past, now or in the future are. Rely on the Bryant! The API consists of Portland W + K creative the Oscar editors Angus Val (Angus Wall) clips guidance Prior to this, he also participated in and guide the production of the "Celebration" and "Black Mamba" two Nike ad.

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