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The outbreak of the 2013 small ads help QR code

      Hungry at night, to identify land relieve hunger. Hotel into the street, and found the door to paste the two-dimensional code; and other meals on the table, pick up a newspaper, advertising on the title page, QR code.

  Not only at the beginning of the end of the middle of the newspapers and magazines, Sina microblogging, television screens, taxi advertising screen, network video, I have found the traces of the QR code. - If we say that the QR code in 2012 stirred the river flows, then to 2013, heavy waves savings down force, perhaps to trigger a QR code tsunami.

  The following figure is @ Road Kabwe found a small ad received a total of more than 3,000 transponders, like a pebble dropped into a pond, sparking large tracts of ripples:


  "Guards! Rush not to leave the phone, leaving the two-dimensional code ..." I use the micro-channel scanning, really sweep out a micro-channel public account.

  Small ads, also known as the city's "psoriasis", we can see how annoying. Beijing ubiquitous advertising, private car, railing on the subway, on the ground. Also often see a contradiction in the city scene, the group of people labeled advertising, morning and afternoon, someone in to clean up a small ad.

  Spring Festival Evening Pieces stickers are small ads excuse - "are not easy." But a small advertising LvJinBuJue, reason is the fierce local business competition in Beijing. Small companies in order to expand their service coverage, but also save the company the cost is brain break scalp to find a way. Cost of advertising, to become the first choice for many small companies to promote.

  But small ads is not difficult to see, difficult to see the small ad comes with a two-dimensional code. Which in turn reflects the entrepreneur's business sense, regardless of whether they had an idea, or really targeted, they are at least acutely aware, two-dimensional code, and the combination of the micro-channel will be a trend, so be willing to try.

  Of course, it also reflects the atmosphere of the north of Guangzhou-technology start-ups. Two-dimensional code in the "ground" of the second and third tier cities is still relatively rare, at least located in the west coast of the Pearl River Delta, Zhuhai is the case. Technological progress, new tools, new methods, and they understood not deep, not fully convinced that the "technology" commercial impetus.

  Recently mobile developers Why is it like to Hunan Satellite TV "every day" ads? One reason is to attract consumers in the second and third tier cities, expanding the impact . In the country, the technology start-ups have been in full swing, but the feeling of the consumer is still relatively slow, all mobile developers had to pay the cost of educating users. The two-dimensional code same market.

  The two-dimensional code has been sweeping across the world, China is just one of them. Sushi restaurant in the United Kingdom, even in the fillets on printed on a two-dimensional code.


  They also "with the times" -

  Two-dimensional code is becoming more common, it may be gradually integrated into our cultural genes.

  But, if our lives will not make people like walking into topic map Nazuo in Russia's two-dimensional code Museum difficulties in breathing?

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