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This opened of 2013 a little chaos in search

Can be said to have gone by 2012, the search industry hot topic belongs only to Baidu and Qihoo 360 2013 Chinese New Year to work only three days, the search industry is big news came one after another. Perhaps it was just a coincidence, however, there must be some inevitable factors coincidence. Old the butterfly effect triggered by 3B war has already begun to show.

  2013 Chinese New Year is to work only three days, the search industry big news came one after another.

  The seventh day, the network transmission instantly search for two years, spent 2 billion yuan to incur senior dissatisfaction, instantly search will lay off hundreds of people, poor performance, and questioned the team leader Deng Yaping understand search industry.

  Eighth day, according to informed sources, Sogou and Soso negotiating mergers and acquisitions, the amount and the way yet.

  Ninth, Alibaba's Ali cloud, the formal launch of its search site, Ali cloud · Search. Ali cloud · Search four search products: web pages, information, pictures, maps. Web design a typical search website style, the bottom of the "Top Recommended".

  Or ninth day, the news leaked reached controlling agreements the Baidu and excellent, as the (UC browser), UC valuation of $ 1.2 billion.

  In 2012 has gone, the search industry can be said to belong to Baidu and Qihoo 360 only. The Qihoo 360 low-key and secretive in August last year, launched a general search engine, to challenge the dominance of Baidu in the Chinese mainland for many years. The 3B war erupted. Since then, the two sides adopted a series of battle, such as 360 allied Google, Baidu strategic investment Kingsoft, Lei Jun Zhou Hongyi 's mysterious contact tempt the public appetite. And the other search engines can only look on, look lively.

  Event fermentation to the beginning of the, 3B war the cumulative effect is starting to show. Search industry in the New Year at the beginning of a series of big news came perhaps just a coupling of this coincidence, perhaps there are some inevitable factors.

  Qihoo 360 search launched, crowded station's share of the other search engines. Baidu and Google are bearing the brunt of the impact. Google has no right to speak, while Baidu is concerned. Lying collapsed on top, not at others Hanshui, not to mention a rival, although not yet a beating, but its years narcissistic sense of pride and pride was greatly hurt. Therefore, Baidu want at all costs, to fight for the honor. In the face of Qihoo of 360 Shuaidie-play, which is clinging to browse is to hold the play, Baidu to take a series of counter-measures, and can not hold the the search engine lifeblood of Qihoo 360. Well, in the new field of mobile Internet, firmly stick to the browser, it is the most important strategy Baidu. Therefore scored UC browser mobile Internet browser pacesetter and Baidu is imperative.

  360 search the upper combat search dogs had been in the second position. The Sogou 3B war always carries a tangled state of mind. 360 joint search to break the monopoly of Baidu chaos, the three pillars of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms warlord state, Sogou there will be a greater sphere of influence, sacrifice the long corner of Jiangnan, easy life will be rich. On the other hand, 360 powerful Sogou complex complex, because the 360 is as good at playing in the World War II Blitz Germany, will turn around and eaten in France, and then touch the Soviet. The Sogou future can not rely on others, or need their own powerful. Sohu 2012 fourth quarter earnings conference call with analysts, Ms. Yu mentioned that "In 2013, we will promote the growth of the browser to achieve the growth of search requests." Charles Zhang also mentioned the "new search business competitors, but this competition is that actually the browser instead of searching will get better access to search the ways , if you have a larger share of the browser market, competition in the browser market is actually begun a few years time, Sogou tenaciously competitors confrontation. therefore, we very have confidence, through the use of Sogou Pinyin rapid growth of the market share as well as Sogou browser in innovation and outstanding technical advantages, continue to carry out the competition. "Sogou should not have too dream of world domination, the Sogou dream is to be the king of the sacrifice the long, therefore, rely on their own browser, the stability of the input method to maintain their own market share, while, if they can join forces with other search engines, merging, integrating resources at least be able to let the boss, the second child to feel the presence of the threat.

  Qihoo 360 commenced with Baidu Shangganling offensive and defensive pull According wartime, Ma just like some sense in the side of the watch. Very powerful companies such as Qihoo search technology not rely solely on the hands of the browser resources will be able to life and life away from Baidu hands of the market share. It seems that search technology is not a search company the key to the survival and development of the road, but the search technology behind the network resources. At hand Alibaba Yahoo China, its search is not a stranger to the field, and the search engine to take advantage of the resources of the Alibaba Group, does not seek to dominate the world, but seek to be unfettered Wang households seal the eight County, home to one thousand soldiers, real good selection. So Ali cloud · Search also emerged.

  The Qihoo 360 search launched 3B war in full swing, the continued fighting in the search industry, there is no network resource bundle, not the core competitiveness of the search engine will be gradually marginalized. Instantly search under the banner of the same name to Google, the dilemma lies in, technical basic ism neither can rely on, such as electricity supplier, browser, input method and other network resources, much less differentiated gimmick.

  Obviously, Qihoo 360 with Baidu 3B war has gradually changed the pattern of the search industry. 2013, the search industry may have more marginalized engine, the new engine also constantly have joined; vertical contend exterminated a Dingzu; interest dispute also glory regression; short-lived, but also tenacious; calling wolf, some sudden and perplexing. May 2013 China search marketing service provider of media library ] market still Baidu dominated, but the empire the surface of bustling hard to cover up the undercurrents.

  News rumors, Google will soon return to China, more good play ...

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