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Early spring in March, H & M spring offensive play in Beijing Guomao Subway Station: bright yellow skirt, grass green jackets, earth colors Floral Dress ... paste the walls of the subway tunnels, is H & M season's latest styles. Regardless of vibrant colors, a flowing skirt, or channel top bloom blossoming flowers, seen at all indicative of H & M's theme of the spread - Spring.
Guomao Station of Beijing Metro Line 10 H & M channel where one of the most important transfer site of the Beijing Subway. Days more on top of flowers and greenery is particularly eye-catching, when the the passenger influx of the World Trade Center Station, they were surprised to find that the changes here. Although the working hours, there are still many passengers stopped even stretch his arm to touch the zenith squid, or try to take pictures from different angles. Interview passengers, "spring", "romantic" "small fresh" people focused evaluation, even the couple said the reference design decorated wedding. When asked whether he knew H & M, passengers excitedly pulled up the collar: "I was wearing!"
It is reported that the environmental media creative by H & M, Kinetic, Beijing ground Railcom collision made. Earlier, H & M has put several the Beijing subway creative media, and the effect is good. Metro Media, the dense flow enhanced the effect of advertising exposure, but it also brings the worry of security issues, strict audit system is also to some extent limit the creative thoughts space. The creative execution Railcom into the ground staff will start the construction work of a few days in advance, which is not an easy task: the flowers of the dome requires fixed in the form of a combination of tape and hot melt adhesive for installation, pre-installation needed first in the roof covered with a layer of white bumping addition to its role as the background color of the zenith, the roof profiled on the Journal must shop bumping "one of the strict implementation of the provisions of also the construction required. All squid material must first go through a fire handling, and safety test before construction.


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