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The media force behind the "hammer"

March 27, Overheating finally showed him that the "hammer". This is from the April 8, 2012, he announced that "phone" has an interval of one year. Focused its attention in the media have regarded the merits of Smartisan OS system is good or bad, whether it is worthy of the name, we want to go back to wait and see what more prior to the conference, Overheating is how to succeed "name". Overheating micro blogging sturdy influence, as early as in the previous year Siemens PR war called people had that experience before. Light out of the truth, the leather is always to rely on blowing - the English teachers for the self-confidence of a hammer ROM unambiguous, and has spoken in spike competitors numerous times in his words, is "invincible mad lonely ". Especially the operating system after the conference date is announced, the microblogging Overheating is true to his phone - which is equal to every day to his 2.9 million fans push the hammer ROM advertising information, and fans eagerly anticipating the fun. Subsequently, the 2000 conference tickets also went on Taobao has been looted.




From holding such as "Every potter praises, we all can be summed up as" high-profile "," publicity "as well as" sturdy "word This Overheating label, is his style since the media. Especially near the conference a few days ago, Overheating every day on the microblogging throw a "flat-draft" and together with the copy of the "thought-provoking", announced a spike Qiean Zhuo custom system hammer era should has arrived! Finally, only that a "See you tomorrow" to get nearly 10,000 forwarding.

Jean-Marie Le Pen in the "rabble" wrote: "groups exaggerate their feelings, so it is only by extreme feelings impressed. Moved groups orator must be disrespectful, vowed exaggerated certainty Overheating microblogging repeated, absolutely not a sensible way to prove anything - these are public meetings on the orator usual discourse skills. "and then to the rally of the phone system from Siemens PR Luo English training, all reflect a certain few. This is the microblogging on from the media and the difference between a marketing queen: self-Media distinctive style and original content than superficial from COPY, COPY and then COPY the queen to be able to cause resonance in the fans more, even on the level of interaction can not be compared. And this is just a scene on a self-Media, spawned countless large and small, "since the media" are from the blog to microblogging micro letter, and so on all social networking. In fact, since the media (We Media) is a concept from a decade ago and has a strict definition, here refrain of us can only talk about the very distinct from the media have this feature. We understand from the media on the dominant people can boast no ceiling can also be pressing no lower limit, such as wind and water play in the six months to stay a few hands, relying on a sharp the reviews Tucao quickly popular network, the number of fans viral growth, to let onlookers taste microblogging "cheap endless forces. You do not understand why someone would take the initiative to come seeking child leave some hand by virtue of a photo cerebral fill out the period of the idea that life - the beginning seems willing to let glass heart can not afford to delete the chart, the review also become a slightly proud of the things. These scripts have racked their brains to come out and finally bring huge returns, fans slowly learn to sniff out the commercial atmosphere. Le Bee Network Youdao cloud notes to CCTV • 15 The folk artists surely had earned a windfall profit. Faced with a growing number of disputes and various rumors, stay a few hands and did not respond. However, readers from him entertainment, earn money from his readers where to pay for mental work and then be rewarded unkind?


For people who care about fashion, and the other people rely on reviews a bit perhaps Gogoboi (formerly known as: Ramen sister). Own standards thorny Reviews star dress. It is understood that he has now edited from a fashion magazine became a full-time microblogging writers, that the vast majority of revenue comes from the small ads in the microblogging. LOS ANGELES interview, he also bluntly: I spend 10 hours a day with his life and entertain the public, microblogging, this is a magazine that I do, so you see the two ads is not outrageous. The so-called self-Media Fan children, positive! In addition, "the Internet that something" is also worth mentioning, and can be understood as a science and technology from the media. In addition to publishing eight children outside the Home Jun keen to expose the industry insider, publish broke the news and gossip from the official website of the Internet that something, also let the microblogging look sensual up. Even sending ads to electronic products draw will not conceal it, the marketing was so taken for granted.


Of course, social networks can find numerous from the media, and some when the piece is hand, some people became known, some answering questions in a professional field, gossip broke the news to the public ... the right to speak after , since the media has brought the the unlimited reverie and may the form. 3 • 15 night, but also to the traditional authority of the media accidentally spilled a pot of cold water - since the media is like the beam of a restless mass communication, although it can not light the world, but when Many people who follow the beams zeroed into one, the situation may appear strange reversal. Powerful influence since the media has no need to repeat. However, for advertisers who, compared to the micro broad number and mass media, since the media will undoubtedly provide a more accurate media channels; but on the other hand, have to be careful to not let them falsely accuse.

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