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A comparable four cans: clear cool push PK JDB comparative advertising

If comparative advertising abroad mainly in the field of electronic technology, then the big domestic comparative advertising must be herbal tea category. Recently, herbal drinks clear cool launched a series of advertisements directed at JDB.

Previously, due to Joey's endorsement effect, many consumers recognize the clear cool. However, with the reduction in advertising, sales volume also will decline. For clear cool, the lack of actuating the reasons consumers continue to buy. Cool clear why consumers should buy, rather than JDB?

 Research shows that efficacy is affecting consumer buying herbal tea the most important factor, for E-link network linking Taiping proposed the idea of a direct comparison function to launch "a bottle top four cans" campaign.

 First, clear cool launched the "Five herbal evaluation" TVC, attract consumer attention, "What are you drinking sugar water or herbal tea." Subsequently, in the bus, bus shelters, the main drift of media print ads, so that consumers understand the effectiveness of clean cool stronger, to attract consumers spontaneous discussion.

 On this basis, clear cool homeopathic launch second wave "of fresh herbal tea chapter" TVC (below), so that consumers better understand the effect of clear cool reason to further deepen the trust of consumers and expand influence.


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