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2014 CCTV advertising tender

2014 CCTV advertising tender has been concluded. Although the final amount of the tender is not announced, but this year CCTV advertising tender Media Center site is still a no suspense "wealthy" feast.

I identified a bid to help you this year Tyrant list.

As can be seen, in the national anti-corruption efforts to increase this year, Maotai, Wuliangye liquor industry and other high-end collective destruction. In the past, they are big, but the CCTV advertising. Automotive industry outbreaks. Drink beer is also very strong, Lulu topped the list.
  Internet industry does, Lynx and Tencent have voted, BAT years alone did not see Baidu figure.
  According to this attitude, do you think the Internet will be how to fight the war next year? You know, CCTV but important battlefield.

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