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intercourse saying "Do not ring," and it impact the world‘s peace

Although the wechat' sitting on 600 million users, the outlook is excellent, but the boss was too physically and mentally exhausted when, in the wechat, easy to believe, the greatest competitive relationship between the three, the latter two are invariably targeting wechat. Easy to believe in this year's first micro-Bo and the subway, high-profile advertising, direct attacks on wechat weakness. Then in November, the intercourse also found thatwechat willfully interfere with normal access of users, called intentionally shielding Ali link circle of friends, blocked between domain names and tough stance "a little less monopoly, a little more between" wechat"circle" again become common knowledge.Again yesterday and from a series of flat wechat point to monopolistic behavior, using the language of a direct appeal to users naked "tear down the wall to open the circle."


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