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Experian ® liqueur China launched online activities - wings it · Gabriel girlfriends

Shanghai, February 19, 2014 - Experian ® liqueur China launched a new online activities, inviting Chinese women to participate, praise and support their best "girlfriends" and to share these "girlfriends" to them the importance of life .
Under the one-child policy, China's modern women and their girlfriends love with the sister. They encourage and support each other, both family and career. It is these friends or "girlfriends" to help them enhance their own self to become even better.

The event use microblogging platform launched by three influential film tells the story of three pairs were moving inspirational story "girlfriends" between. The plot for the prototype to many women, including celebrities Jiaqi Zhu Dan and her agent, joint venture of the famous jewelry designer baby petrels and sand, independent boutiques partner Liu Xin Chen Wei-ya, designers and creative desserts. Every film of girlfriends to support women to be recognized and urged viewers to upload their own girlfriends story commemorate their own "girlfriends love." This activity will continue for two months, plans to hold the line activities will be in April of this event to a climax.
Experian ® liqueur China's brand director Jennifer Pan said: "Praise the name of Gabriel brand of women and encourage them to enhance our interaction with the consumers themselves are some long journey, it is built on a common goal of contemporary Chinese women. basis, and this activity is only part of the journey. "
Consumers can Baileys China's "wings it, Gabriel girlfriends" microblogging event page, and share their girlfriends in their careers, dreams, emotional story of mutual support and the opportunity to get "Gabriel girlfriends truth tour "boarded April" Weekly. " In addition, consumers can also participate in fun and full of Gabriel girlfriends "Honey degree" test, to understand themselves and girlfriends Qinmi index.

Zhu Dan and Liu Jiaqi girlfriends story of Gabriel

Fang Haiyan Zhang Sha Wa Gabriel girlfriends story

Gabriel girlfriends Vivan and Tasha's story

The first "girlfriends Day" this event to be held in April 2013, based on a Gabriel praise, encourage Chinese women of this constant self-improvement commitments to be honored. The "wings it Experian girlfriends" campaign with a butterfly-shaped pattern as a symbol, it's double-B logo Experian, based on two wings symbolize girlfriends who encourage each other courage to fly. This pattern will be used for activities in all elements, and has been designed as fine jewelry, as part of a broader future activities.
Yi-Chun BBH (China) Executive Creative Director, said: "The event with Gabriel 'to encourage women to make the most authentic and best their own' brand aims coincide Following Baileys Pour Spectacular ads were successful, there. opportunities and deeper consumer interaction, which makes full of excitement. "
Mai nationwide network advertising WU Zhao-hua, director of strategy, said: "In addition to the online activities, we will continue to build Experian and consumers through new media channels for long-term communication and social positions, I really encourage Chinese women to pursue better achievements themselves. "
The event is organized by BBH (China) planning, and with the net Mai advertising (NIM Digital) cooperation, which is also responsible for the design and development as well as online interactive social media activities Gabriel brand in China.

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