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Xiaomi Spring Festival Evening Ad

2B version Tyrant millet Gala advertisement, ordinary version, theatrical version
If you have a look at this year's Spring Festival Evening Year of the Horse, it must be a kind of tyrant large network of Internet advertising company feel like Baidu, Tencent, millet, Jingdong, 360, etc. have to seize on CCTV prime time. The millet Nima actually put in prime time for up to one minute of commercials! Tyrant of the world really is not an ordinary person can understand.

Theatrical version: "Our Time"
Earlier on the street "our time", and like to play more than N chicken, a pair of inspirational rhythm brother to counter-attack era: Our name is young and on the road chasing the dream, and we continue to move forward, to explore, to change, to fight, we have come of age, millet, fever born!
Version 2B: "Forever Young"
Another legend, in fact millet for the horse to stay in the show for several hands have multiple versions of broadcast equipment. Yesterday afternoon, in the micro-Bo Lei Jun millet Gala advertising exposure spare tire "Forever Young", the overall style is to kill Matt, looked a little tired after sleep does not love, to immediately use the "News Network" to cure under this frenzy mood.
Limited Edition: "Hey" 
The following is a year of millet in the show running commercials, biased product demand, the word is summarized as advertising theme: Hey!

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