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Home: Do not love too late(Chinese New Year)

every year over two years. But is clearly better than the twelfth lunar month lunar thirty year December 31 to be more to look forward to, because to this day, we can go home. That is why there is so much about advertising with "home" will emerge at this time.
Aside Business aside, you will be as they were moved? Of course, advertising is only one way, more precious to share deep affection. In this special day, to borrow a word given to you: "Do not love too late, more than to go home to see". And, as in previous years, they share with everyone and wish a Happy New Year. The first is a series of public service ads that launched a series of works by CCTV Spring Festival home. In order to do a good job in this subject matter, the the CCTV advertising center from September 2012 to start planning for consuming more than four months, invited international 4A submit creative elect five into production from more than 40 creative, increase each of the films investment, taken by world-class directors and production companies. CCTV is also the first in the country entrusted 4A for shooting commercials the final partners including Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann Erickson and Lowe. Thought of the film in the media on February 1 meeting, the creator on behalf of Saatchi & Saatchi Greater China president Li Jiashun Lin Xiaoqi Wu Fan, Shanghai Executive Creative Director, South China Chief Creative Officer, Lowe advertising communication Kitty Lun, Chairman, McCann advertising company chairman Mok Sun still live about the creative process and feelings of advertising behind.

Saatchi & Saatchi works: Saatchi & Saatchi, "caring for the elderly - the father of lies articles"

Saatchi & Saatchi works: "Care for the elderly - my mother waiting for replies"
 Saatchi & Saatchi works: "Caring for elders with dementia - packaged articles
 Lowe works: caring for the elderly - a red envelope papers '

Responsible for producing another set of works - "Spring home articles by McCann-Erickson, has been for many years without the supervision over the implementation of the Mok Sun personally involved in the process of shooting this series of ads to see the film will be on-site, even in speech in once choked. Commercials also in the post-production process, we will be at a later date and to share with you.

QQ space, this micro-film to record the real users of the QQ space Jia Xi's home away.

2013 Spring Festival you home?

Is there not ready to go home? The fear of forced marriage, not make money, or feel that his hometown has changed, no longer memory warmth appearance. This animated short films for more than three minutes with a special way to explore the awkward but unavoidable problem.

FAW Pentium "Let love come home" series has come to the third quarter. Expect from the reflections of waiting, to the enjoyment of the scenery, pure Qinru to home.

Baidu mobile browser: "to leave the house for what."
 And compared to last year, Pepsi the dissemination of this year more efforts to micro-film, in addition to the Mirinda brand new, powerful star cast also the film is an absolute spectacle.

FAW Pentium "Let love home
Leave home to what some people for a dream, some people in order to breath, some people for one person, some people in order to a person. You clearly thought that he is for what?

Nescafe: "Do not let love lost to time."
Spring Festival approaching, Nescafe musician Zhang Yadong inner monologue, expression of the love of his family.

Coca-Cola: "Happy creators
"That make their way home is no longer a long, cold winter becomes warm, there are those who take home to surprise ... they are happy creators." This is the home of Coca-Cola keynote.

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