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Slow roll time to smell the taste of Myanmar

Myanmar people and the hustle and bustle of the busy spaced very far, life "speed" direct step down to 20, "communication without limits" is definitely not the people here are pursuing. When I first arrived in Myanmar, Yangon airport as quiet as a museum, only one aircraft landed at noon.

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After two weeks, I often secretly whispered, domestic white-collar workers who are efficient if known to the Burmese, is estimated to be crazy - traffic is not convenient, no cell phone signal, the computer can open the page only GMail and Google , optional content is minimal.
But precisely because of this, the human mind can really slow down the rhythm, the eye can see beyond the bustling faith and goodness. Morning, little groom Thet Lwin as agreed to pick me up to see the stupa, he sat very distinctive Southeast TUTU car, a mouth, revealing a dark red teeth, it is the mark of betel nut. In Burma, women love to smoke, eat betel men, people with fresh green leaves wrapped in betel nut, plus a variety of different ingredients together into his mouth to chew, I often see people on the street sell such "tobacco" . Thet Lwin enthusiasm from his pocket a small, suggested that I also tasted a nut, I blithely took over, just thrown into the mouth of one and cool and spicy taste is straight on the head, could not help but dizziness nausea, hurriedly and spit it out. Thet Lwin well prepared, on the side hehe smile Walking in the depths of Burma, leisurely picture everywhere: blue water, lush green fields, tree-lined dirt road, the sun shone from the leaves gaps where those wearing Lungi (Myanmar men like a cotton dress, Similar straight skirt) man, his face painted Tanna card (local neem bark yellow fragrant juice with skin sunscreen) girl, chewing betel nut for the elderly, children playing in the lake, the eyes are clear and bright smile are simple goodness. Inle lake, the wind mixed with the taste of plants, stern chase waterfowl fly fishing, the fish just caught up in the net jump, scales glistening in the sun ...... here will feel a very long time, almost stopped, and the portrait was hypnotized, do not want to fall into a waking dream intoxicated.

Sunset, I ran into the inn proprietress hungry kitchen, glistening yellow curry muffled roll over in the pan, fish sauce, fresh salads and delicious freshly cooked, scoop up a bowl of rice soup made of fish meal plus Tom, jumping kitten wandering feet, kept with small claws shoot my legs, my hands looked helplessly cuisine. Surrounded by floral dress, arm hair boss from Houchu turn out, and rebuked the kitten smoke through Zaojian smiled at me, while I praise her thumbs craft, shouting breakfast tomorrow She used to eat coconut chicken curry noodles made of coconut milk add the noodles. Theravada Buddhism in Myanmar referendum, in their eyes, "carrot", "subject" is more than happy. Here are the best law and order, things rarely commit crimes in Southeast Asia, and the streets almost never see the police, even holding a brick thick kyat streets have nothing to worry about. I do not have to be locked in the local bicycle rental when not one by the roadside on the line. Once I put a few dollars fell on car baskets, and the next morning found them still lying there, trance that ideal world, "close the doors at night, Lubushiyi" turned out to be true. And domestic everywhere "smart" business compared Burmese seem too will not do business, and street vendors selling papaya never watered, very thick; Some stall holders do not know where to go the Happy , leaving a car full of goods stood alone on the street, do not worry about being stolen Myanmar pagoda everywhere, no matter which seat to enter the pagoda, to be barefoot, dignitaries, heads of state are no exception. Burmese people regularly came to the pagoda, Buddha, cleansing the soul with flowers worship; are also some devout believers sit around the temple, spread his hands, close your eyes, meditate meditation; monks will choose a secluded corner, out After reading the book softly. Many pagodas no one responsible for the care, compared to those national historical monuments unapproachable, the history of the "Buddha" has been in touch vicissitudes, see the vivid, hear the rhyme.

Yangon city's famous big urn , has experienced 2,500 years of wind and rain. According to legend, Myanmar businessman Ke Jiada Putuo brothers from India back to the Buddha Sakyamuni's eight-fat, dedicated to the Burmese king oga Hyderabad, the king ordered the construction of the tower treasure Burmese Buddha hair. When first built, only about 20 meters high pagoda, ancient repairs after experiencing toward expansion, now more than one hundred meters, with jeweled to describe it is not too much: Shwedagon Pagoda foil affixed to the upper weighing 6 tons; tower Umbrella on the top of the golden bell hanging from 1065 and 420 silver bells, wind emit crisp sound; on top of the tower is also studded with 5,449 diamonds and 2,317 red sapphires. Shwedagon Pagoda built was so gorgeous, and Burmese people's lives but it is too simple to imagine. Ananda Temple is regarded as the entire Bagan area's most beautiful shape of a Buddhist architecture, stone walls of the upper end of the aisle sat Zuozuo Golden Buddha, the sun through the window edge impartial sprinkle on top of the Golden Buddha, the wisdom breathtakingly craftsmen . Small children will enter Myanmar Buddhist Academy, the young monk who daily go out alms, took home a total of believers eat rice porridge, they sat cross-legged on a low table, cutlery is his hands. Monastery life is not blocked, the monk can often be seen in the operation of the computer, can also be encountered in the streets dressed in red robes of monks Qizhemotuo passing, leaving a brilliant red back.

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