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Five things about the elderly Chinese consumers you need to know

After a lifetime of toil, all hope and look forward to a safe and peaceful life after retirement. Many older people particularly hard life, a young man in China, and look forward to perhaps more strongly. With the rapid increase in the elderly population in China, which the business is, this is undoubtedly a turning point. Global research firm Mintel (Mintel), Britain and recently released a study on the elderly in China, Asia-Pacific research director Matthew Crabbe highlighted five key factors affecting the elderly consumer
Elderly consumers can not be ignored
The China Aging Society estimates that in 2015, China's population over the age of 60 will be about 200 million to grow to 300 million in 2030. Therefore, for people doing business in China, the elderly consumer groups can not be ignored. 
Enterprise is the first to launch to meet the elderly consumer demand for products and services, the equivalent of accounting for the advantage of the market and business opportunities. However, they need to understand the drive the elderly consumer factors and the impact of the consumption patterns of the elderly.
2 safe, familiar, quiet
British Mintel research also focused on the elderly in China pointed out that the the elderly consumption of direction main disease (63%) accounted for the retirement of older persons in China involved in the British Mintel research, health care costs (38%) as well as financial investment in residential security.
Personal security issues has a profound impact on the consumption patterns of the elderly. Older people will feel safe, familiar and quiet popular.
3 fit the needs
Age increases, the ensuing challenges and demand. More and more tailored products and services for the elderly in China to seek a way out, such as health care products and nutritional supplements.
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In order to build brand contact, many businesses in China to come to the fore, and the social interaction among older consumers become increasingly important.
4. Maintain health, vitality and mood
Hi in happy to see the Chinese elderly in retirement tend to maintain an active lifestyle, and actively participate in recreational activities, and their wealthy pockets. Most of them tend to spend money on life experiences, rather than physical goods.
They will be a lot of travel, to cultivate an interest, and even engaged in a new career. The elderly enjoy retirement time, which brought the market opportunities for products and services to meet their active lifestyles.
5 to celebrate the old age time
Media with other countries, most of the Chinese media tend to promote young, luxury, beautiful phenomenon, but living in a rapidly aging society, businesses have offered positive ideas for the elderly, designed to fit their age class of products.
We have seen more and more advertising elderly entertainment scene. Know how older people enjoy life thought the brand a chance to stand out from many competitors in the rapid development of the market place. 

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