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Kai-fu Lee: Mobile Internet 2013 Five Trends

Kai-fu Lee expressed his views on the 2013 trend of mobile Internet geeks Park today (January 11), "Innovation Conference on.


He believes that the 2013 channels of the mobile Internet will become more and becomes fine, there are five big trends:

1, the scale is much larger, the last year the country is 200 million mobile devices, may reach 500 million this year.

2, the competition is more intense, the Internet giant inroads into the mobile Internet.

3, channel integration , is to rely on the application store channels, although growth is still relatively homogeneous  For entrepreneurs, this means that the cost of access to traffic would be great. The future there will be more and more refined channels.

4, motorization is perfect, and the gaming transition from the Internet to mobile Internet speed is very fast. Non-game field of mobile technology is also very fast.

5, the data business, the era of big data, entrepreneur and product manager can be found from the hands of the data the user needs and entrepreneurial direction.

He also said that the platform-based social entrepreneurial opportunities in the field of small, enterprise-level applications to open up the time is coming. Enterprise-class service can start to do some exploring, 5-7 years later there will be a lot of enterprise applications to create value. Scale consumer of enterprise-class applications than individual level "in the United States, a lot more, so this area should have a chance."

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