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Don Schultz: Baidu is extremely important to brand building platform

November 21, 2013, Baidu Moments marketing festival was held in Beijing. Father of integrated marketing world, Northwestern University Professor Don Schultz went to the site and share the world's newest six marketing changes, as well as how to create a brand under the wave of the Internet.
"The father of integrated marketing," Don Schultz
  Don Schultz introduced to the development of information technology has changed the entire market, we need to establish a new consumer-centric interactive marketing system. Currently, most of the advertisers brand building way far behind the market, consumers do not have to keep up with the changes still in the way, the persuasion style to push information to the consumer, which is not conducive to business in the digital age to create a brand, business brand building needs to be a revolutionary change in the way.
  He stressed that advertisers must learn to consumer-centric, focus needs to shift from product users, the response from the business user control becomes, to convince customers to buy from changing product to allow users to deepen understanding. In addition, companies also need to know how to use Baidu as the representative to understand consumer demand media platforms to build brands.
  Meanwhile, advances in technology, the changing global Internet environment, new technologies continue to emerge, but also for corporate brand building presents a new challenge, which is embodied as:
  First, the user gets the information changes, previously, companies have information superiority and initiative, consumers are passive reception. And now, consumers anytime, anywhere, independent access to information, as many businesses and consumers now have the information. Meanwhile, mainstream access to information search tools to help people easy access to information, will also connect brands and consumers together.
  Second, a large number of consumer behavioral data presented geometric growth from 2005 to 2012 and 1987, the global amount of information increased 20-fold, according to forecasts, by 2020 the amount of data to reach 40026EB. At the same time, homogenization and fragmentation of information leading to low availability of information, valuable information to get more difficult. How to effectively analyze and manage data, and thereby to study the behavior characteristics consumers become a very important issue.
  Third, consumers turned to the use of mobile devices from PC side, worldwide, mobile access accounted for 1/3 of all online activities. In China, mobile search within 18 months increased by 232%, while only 48% of PC search. Brand how to communicate with consumers through the mobile channel end, the most important issue in the future.
  Fourth, people tend to consumer demand through a one-stop shopping to resolve. In the Internet era, consumer behavior is extremely active, their shopping needs often need to have a very convenient channel to meet. Questions companies should consider is what kind of consumer goods, how do you make it easier to meet him, not what you want to sell goods to him.
  Fifth, the consumer brand awareness and preference decline, consumers will be based on brand goods and do not choose. In the United States a strong sports brand, for example, over the past 10 years, their brand preferences of the population fell by an average of 1.68%, stores and shopping malls brand preference crowd fell 0.98 percent, an increase of 1.38% No preference groups. Therefore, even if it is a classic brand owners must seize every opportunity to show their, learn to communicate with them using the language of the consumer.
  Sixth, important to understand consumers' income, the key is to be able to manage consumer revenue streams. Enterprises must understand the depth of the level of consumer buying and demands in accordance with the spending power, service costs, and other dimensions of the buying cycle division, only to do well aware of consumer information in order to carry out more effective brand marketing.
  So, how to deal with these six challenges? Don Schultz said, this is SIVA theory to solve the problem. SIVA theory is based on consumer-centric marketing methodology to explore consumers to seek solutions to problems in a series of tracks. Brand advertisers need to be based SIVA theory, build up a market for interactive demand chain model in consumer demand continue to understand and identify the premise for the consumer to provide information and appropriate solutions.
  Professor Don Schultz seems that the public widely Such aid Baidu search engine platform, access to information, more value, to determine solutions to problems, looking for problems to solve entrance coincides with SIVA theory, theory of complete reproduction of the SIVA process. Baidu platform features the biggest difference is that the consumer is the starting point, by digging behavioral data to understand and track the entire decision-making process of consumers.
  At the same time, Baidu already beyond search to become rich media platforms. It is understood that, at present, only traffic from search Baidu accounted for 40% of overall traffic, while 60% of the traffic comes from the wealth of other channels. Baidu, Wikipedia, Post Bar, music, news, pictures, videos and other vertical channels, formed to meet consumer demand for rich solution platform to help enterprises to capture consumers different key moments, and effectively deliver the brand through appropriate commercial products information. In addition, the mobile terminal, Baidu in APP distribution, mobile search, LBS, etc. are firmly occupied the entrance of advantages, which also created the conditions for the future of the brand to communicate in real time with consumers in new channels to help companies in the mobile Internet era effectively create a brand. This means that Baidu has become extremely important in the digital age brand building platform.

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