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20 worst social media recommendations (Part I)

 More and more "social media experts" distribution network proposals, sometimes based on their limited experience, sometimes is empty. Uneven view of a large number of floating into the network. How to tell which views should be accepted, and what they should not ignore it? The Plum Network Marketers to share the 20 worst social media recommendations and see which speech is to guide you deviate from the correct direction of social media marketing.

Now there are many so-called "social media experts" are active in the network. Constantly circulated advice, sometimes based on their limited experience, sometimes is empty. Even if it is a real social media experts sometimes inevitably share some misleading others. So uneven view of a large number of floating into the network, and how to tell which opinion you should be accepted, and what is not?

  A little confused? Do not worry! Here, we will share the 20 worst social media recommendations to see which of the recommendations is to guide you deviate from the correct direction of social media marketing.
  1) You must be active in a social network

  Especially if you have limited time and resources, do not let yourself active in every social media. To study and understand the composition of your audience on every social network, so you know where as a key breakthrough. If your audience in a social media, then do not waste your time. With the emerging new social network, so your analysis to be your guide to constantly try new positions, if they do not play a role, but also do not have to nostalgia. When you're not sure where to start, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter is the safest bet, because they have a huge audience across a lot of population and industry. In the country, plum network to recommend that you from Sina microblogging or Youku start.

   2) you no longer need to e-mail

  Social media does not overcome the death of email, it's just a more perfect Email the growth of additional channels. To know: Registered social media account first step is usually to Email Address. Sometimes communicate through social media and via email. For example, a Linkedin group messages via Linkedin site mail sent to the crew there. In addition to these, many people still prefer to communicate by email, or in love with the content of the email and social networking sites between the two different styles at the same time.

  3) contains microblogging popular word labels will get more exposure

  There was a time, use the label to become one of the organizations microblogging very popular method. In fact, in carrying out specific activities or events, the label is still a useful tool, so that a group of participants or participants can share and monitor the activities and events related content. But when it comes to some of the more generic label (for example, # marketing #), it does not to monitor them. So you use the tags to organize content may not bring you a new audience.

  4) you publish content and your site, the better

  In general, in the presence of a number of social networking sites and as many publishing content and not very effective. Yes, the rich are indeed very important, because it will give you more valuable social media material, but you have to ensure that all of the content is of high quality. Otherwise, people will easily skip these nonsense. Unfortunately, it is more and more content now social media users feel overwhelmed, this piece means to achieve high-quality content "baseline" started to climb. To be successful, you need to ensure that your content is rich enough value.

  5) To save time, use a tool on all the social networking sites automatically publish content

  As we have already discussed, automatically publish content on all your social media is not a good idea to automatically publish some of the content is feasible. But there is an exception, you should never publish a message, and then immediately released on all your social networking sites. Yes, this will save you some time, but it is a terrible practice. You should take into account the different social media preferences of different types and frequency content. For example, the picture on Facebook to achieve better results. Twitter content you publish frequency should be more frequent than Facebook and LinkedIn. In addition, you may have some fans at the same time in the three sites to follow you. Then you move this "automation" will become very obvious in their eyes.

  6) You can be your social media outsourcing

  Social media channels for you to communicate with your audience, which means that it needs not only your voice, your contribution must be based on where the industry experience and professional interpretation. No one can talk about the challenges and trends facing your customers, especially if you're in a breakdown of the market. In fact, we have seen a lot of social media outsourcing (automation) and the failed instance.

  7) Do not let your social media becomes personalized

  Your site may be allowed within the social media gave you the opportunity to share some more character. In fact, personality is often a social media things can cause the most attention. After all, people do not fall in love with the page colors and logo - they fell in love with the people. " Show the personality behind your brand, let people see your brand shows loveliness, people will naturally take the initiative and stick together.

  8) Do not let your employees to use social media

  First, prohibit your employees to use social media is a futile attempt. Even in social media on their computer screen, they still have a smart phone, can go home and use their spare time to use these sites. If you prohibit employees to use the name of your company on social media, they are also able to create some false information. All of these actions will hurt the relationship between you and your employees, it shows that you do not trust them, and the fact that you give up a rich resource. Your staff is your company, each of them have their own circle and social media fans, can help to expand the scope of the spread of your content. So do not try to crack down on the use of social media, some guidance to your employees and let them reasonable use.

  9) In order to protect your brand, do not reply to the negative comments.

  If you do not respond to negative reviews, you will one day realize that the lack of attention to comments will lead to the situation out of control. In the face of negative comments must be positive to admit its mistakes, and tell you how you will solve this problem. A simple and immediate reaction is actually angry detractors into fans for the appreciation of the ability of your business promotion.

  10) to respond to every one negative comment

  Cautious just to attract your attention to the negative comments, careful just in order to take advantage of the negative reviews of your profile. At the same time, some people just to cause trouble. The face of the negative reviews of this type, you have to know how to take a step back at the appropriate time, rather than inflame.

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