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"Super Bowl" blackout how marketing

On Sunday, the United States Football League's annual championship game of the Super Bowl "(Super Bowl) start in New Orleans, this is the most nation's blood boiling annual event, also the highest ratings of TV programs. Technology giants, including Blackberry, Samsung will not hesitate to invest heavily to promote their flagship product advertised during live matches.
However, come as early as inferior to the clever. Yesterday, in the third quarter of the San Francisco 49ers against the Baltimore Ravens game 13 minutes 22 seconds, the stadium suddenly suffered a power outage. Such unexpected incidents no doubt so the organizers embarrassed, but it provides an excellent advertising opportunity for the three companies.
Oreo: blackouts? Do not worry.
After a power outage occurs, Oreo immediately with lightning speed produced a poster affixed to Twitter (as shown above), said: "darkness, you can still soak (eat)". We have to admire this biscuit company keen the event marketing sense of smell and reaction speed. This tweet far has been forwarded 13,514 times.
Audi: LED light source to the stadium conveying.
This tweet bellicose, also with a bit of kidding. However, we must know that the Superdome is the "Super Bowl" competition will take place rival Mercedes-Benz title. On Figure tweets @ MBUSA Benz U.S. official account. Audi has always been proud of its beautiful LED headlight technology. "Tucao paste" cleverly responded to a power outage, and humor won over 96 times forwards.
Walgreens: We sell candles .... In fact, we also sell bulbs.
The two companies, Oreo and Audi are the game's TV ads Lord; Walgreens does not launch television advertising. This second largest drug and grocery retailers in the United States, in the "Super Bowl" tournament only "advertising" is two tweets, but seemed to work really good: one is forwarding two thousand times, another forwarded three thousand times.
The above three cases, did not spend a penny, but made good propaganda effect, clever use of the emergency and social networking to shape the brand personality, at least, than in an ad spots to the friendly audience eagerly awaiting the results of the competition. This is the power of humor.

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