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Large data to the e-mail marketing opportunity

Large data has become the focus of attention of the media and many marketers, despite the large data technology and the degree of utilization are still a long way to go, but it is undeniable that, with the surge in the amount of data, as well as the brand generally user behavior of great importance, the value of mining large data has become increasingly important in 2013, will have large data breakthrough mail marketing industry, especially e-mail marketers, and hidden What opportunities do? The following information is carefully selected by the editor of the e-sight, mail marketers understand how big data used for e-mail marketing, for their own use, some inspiration.
Why, in 2013, the data than ever before are more important? 
With the abundance of online data provider, in 2013, most brands will exhibit strong growth? Although the data is readily available, but many companies are not targeted plan to make full use of these data, it can also hope to use the data to produce value brand in 2013 need to be urgently addressed.
The following is the the BlueKai's senior vice president of data marketing company, the Cory Treffiletti interview with:
1. Throughout 2012, data has become an increasingly hot spots of fire the global marketers data marketing status quo ) 2012 , the last year of data collection, see what kind of change?
Cory: In early 2012, we have seen how marketers use data assets to improve audience targeting and marketing efforts. Of which a large part of the marketing staff has already begun to collect and organize their own traffic data to better user segmentation and repositioning.
Marketing personnel experienced database how to achieve more intelligent? How to get the data from the non-digital channels, better online service? "This process of thinking, which leads many marketers use line data source, such as the the CRM file (anonymous) to better online user analysis and re-positioning. The current trend is that the more proficient marketing personnel data management, in response to growing user data mature.
2.2013 data collection and data usage? How do you view the importance of brand data strategy?
Cory: the emerging emerging channels, to the brand more timely, more accurate and more effectively identify and reach the target audience, such as user access to information from what channels and tools, where to buy the products brought sustained pressure. The data allows brands and users from a variety of sources linked to the brand at any time effective to convey to the user a variety of information.
In 2013, we will see a breakthrough in these two aspects: 1) data input. As a marketer, how to have a comprehensive understanding of the various channels through the mail line, mobile, search, social contacts of all contact with these customers and target customers? 2) the data output. How to inspire the smart, to marketing globally smarter? How the data in turn applied to the mobile, search, social, and user analysis and modeling, or create more content for the target user? All of these problems can be added to the 2013 data strategy.
Why that means huge business opportunities for e-mail marketing, data?
Big data brings great opportunities, so that e-mail marketing to target consumers can be better. But whether consumers will not mind? From the current situation, at least in some business mail users even for enterprises to collect and provide personalized, valuable information to give a very warm return.
MediaPost Email Insider Summit recently concluded, the prospects for e-mail marketing for large data were discussed: marketing vice president, Greg Samson: "We found that most of the data-driven terrible potential, the results are most positive information of our customers and our user response.
MediaPost Email Insider Summit recently concluded Speakers Samson said that tourism is a very personal activity, the message is "driven by the data ... but they seem to be from a person, just in the past to find the customers, and then help them.
And the same participants Levzow mentioned: "The casino industry from online hotel booking to the piles of membership cards to get the data, if these data can be utilized, and the arrival of new opportunities." "If we do not put all the data and all contacts connect the dots, the target will not be able to better serve customers.
The e-commerce and interactive marketing director at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas the, Erin Levzow: customers appreciate the staff know their own preferences in the spa to make an appointment, or to guide them to the slot machines. While she said that the important thing is not to feel too strange, creepy, but the customers really like to feel at home.
Large data recently has been enough media focus. "According to the opinion of the to CEO of RapLeaf company, Phil Davis, the potential use of large data is to find the ultimate point of the" one-to-one marketing, do not spend more costs on the actual conversion the case, in the right way, at the right time, the right message to the right people. Davis believes that big data will generate more automated analysis engine, to help deal with the amount of data, speed and variety of never seen off the engine need to isolate "the biggest change in the data field.
He added that the third-party data can be very effective. Its customers tend to spend $ 3 to $ 20 to get an e-mail address, although they usually do not know how to take advantage of the rapid use. However, the data is indeed reason to create a better first impression.

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