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The cases of socialization marketing for fiscal 2012

2012, micro blog users exceeded 320 million micro-letters have sprung up everywhere declared to have 200 million users, watercress also began their the commercial footsteps, and pops sing emerging social new media applications have to admit that this network half of the times are the social networking world. Accompanied by the growth of the number of users at the same time, all kinds of brand owners and advertising agencies have increasingly familiar since the rules of the game here, social marketing has become the size.

Nike "great body"

Live out your great Nike Global Advertising:

The most watched event in 2012 is the London Olympics, this microblogging marketing activities during the most watched non-Nike none other than. Since the Olympic opening onwards, nearly 30 members of think tanks from W + K, AKQA, Razorfish three creative company, Mindshare media agency and the Nike company quietly assembled to begin their 17-day "great" fierce battle. The end of every game in the Olympics, Nike launched a microblogging "great" print ads, copywriting and title are not self-evident point the Olympic hot news and personalities always in the most expeditious speed, so this series of "live Your great "quickly by the Internet users concerned with the response, so that in each incident, a lot of people are looking forward to Nike would say something. All reach the commanding heights of Liu Xiang's injury curtain call on August 7 - the microblogging issued in the fall that evening, Liu Xiang minutes be forwarded more than 120,000 times.

As stated in the Nike said Olympic Closing great never ending, today announced comprehensive recycling social media business and to operate independently after Nike, how it will be "great" go on the proposition also a concern.

MINI: excited first, competition second

if you do not consider the integrity of campaign, only from the perspective of the social network, during the Olympic Games with Nike on a par undoubtedly MINI. Thanks to BMW, as the Olympic Games official partner of MINI "excited" seem to be more "perfectly justifiable. Olympic / Paralympic period each day, MINI will microblogging excited # topic as early as in their official microblogging send # MINI update a plane, according to the performance of the Olympians, the hot events. In the continuation of the "excited first, competition second" slogan, and responded releases the similar features live broadcast of Olympic topics copywriting.

In addition, MINI also in cooperation with Sina microblogging in the microblogging client implant MINI floating ads. Although it is a fresh attempt, but it still got a good return, daily hits about 20000-30000.

Starbucks micro-channel VOD

March 29, 2012 micro-channel users exceeded 100 million mark, which lasted 433 days. Then, with 172 days to complete the from 100000000-200000000 changes - in this period many brands have announced the settled micro Letter - rapid development momentum, and even Sina microblogging are at stake. In late August, Starbucks homeopathic launched its official micro-channel account in order to build more human contact and interaction with customers. Add Starbucks China "Friends, in the dialog box to send emoticons to express emotions, can immediately get a Starbucks Replies songs specifically designed to improve customer emotions, and this song can play directly through the dialog box without having to open Download mobile browser. Move in a few months, Starbucks has accumulated more than 130,000 micro-channel fans, sales also increased significantly. In addition, in the 12 days before Christmas, Starbucks again using the micro-channel to create integrated media content quality conversational interactive mode: fans can send any figures of 1-12 micro-channel to receive the festival theme phone wallpaper.

In fact, so far, the commercial value of the micro-channel and interactive mode of development is still in the exploration. It is also more brand to continue to create new might need.

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