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“Thank you ” 360 micro-Blog to respond

#marketing# On the afternoon of February 27, for the "Daily Economic News" published a long article on the 26th " 360 black box mystery - Qihoo 360 "cancer" genes Great Secret ", 360 security guards official micro blogging bursts of three # Thank you # micro blogging responded, alluding to Baidu, Tencent and King soft jointly deal with 360. However, the availability of consumer understanding is that open and honest response to questions, instead of "weakness" stroke sympathy.
360 security guards : # Thank you # Thank you employ to convene a lot of talent to help the 360 study 360 products, so that only 360 to become exclusive Baidu , Tencent, Jinshan, Fang 7 × 24-hour supervision Secure Enterprise!

@ 360 security guards : # Thank you # Thank you, every day, to 360 hanging in your Home, large print, marked red for 360 provincial huge advertising costs. Let people know: 360 safety, real, reliable 360 Search!

@ 360 security guards : # Thank you # Thank you, spend heavily to write large draft of 360, so 360 on newspaper headlines every day! Without your efforts, 360 there can be so much popularity!

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