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Xi'an Vanke: lead to the return home of a MV Heart

New year approaches, each brand began around the return home, the reunion theme play the family card during the Spring Festival, which micro-film or TVC become the brand of choice for publicity. Pepsi consecutive years to take home the music and FAW Pentium "Let Love home" are one of the representative works, which in many brands of micro-film works, one published by the Shaanxi local singers horse fly The single "Back to Xian" is triggered in the hearts of the people of Xi'an a small return home complex.

Xi'an Vanke × the horse fly cooperation MV "back to Xi'an."
To cope with the influx of returnees during the Spring Festival in Xi'an Vanke return home to home activities Xi'an Zhixun, interactive invited local dialect singer horse fly together to create the song, calling Xi'an drifting back to Xi'an. January 22, 2013, the song "Back to Xian" MV with the Xi'an Vanke , it also raised a lot of drifting away Xi'an homesick. Day promotion, the Xi'an Zhixun interactive combination of micro-channel, microblogging channels, and users to explore the "back to Xi'an 99 reasons to ask and answer interactive and printed train shaped" back to Xi'an EP as users interact prizes.

"Back to Xian" EP      micro-channel promotion
The same is to return home the theme the Zhezhi works also reminds us of the the last year Lixans produced viral marketing works Chongqing, back , in fact, the most important for emotional marketing brands tell, everyone could touch my heart softest part, but the micro-film, MV TVC's form of expression is not so important. From the final effect, Xi'an Vanke this MV in the launch of the network, Youku 100,000 times the amount of play, Youku songs ranked 16, also caused a lot of set to return home in the north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen Xi'an industry complex. This hot topic triggered by the high-quality original content, and soon attracted a number of media the initiative concerned about the spread, Shaanxi TV (TV news), People, Phoenix, Huashang, Shaanxi Sina, the western network marketing think tank, spontaneous reports of Xi'an, the style, and the glory of Xi'an and many other media dissemination. MV a few days after launching the network on the Internet users to remake video as well as well-known KTV invitation.
From the end of the video data, the geographical distribution of the top five cities as Xi'an, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, better attract foreign Xi'an Xi'an Vanke (north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen-based) concern Xi'an Vanke return home to home buyers promotion of communication objectives.

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