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Maldives held a cabinet meeting underwater, just like tourism advertising

In the movie "My Life as McDull", the McDull obsession Maldives, "where the blue sky, coconut trees, clear water and white sand, is located in the Indian Ocean paradise ......" tears reading McDull story, and then wanted to have the opportunity to go to a trip to the Maldives, to help complete the dream McDull. Later, of course, they began to suspect that the Maldives is not for the sponsorship fee.

Today, global warming, melting polar ice caps, rising sea levels, the Maldives, the island nation is slowly shoreline retreat in recent years, although not as overwhelmed in recent decades, but the Maldivian government claims, has begun to prepare for the relocation of a whole nation.

In order to raise awareness of environmental protection consensus, the 17th in the Maldives held a cabinet meeting underwater. President and members of the Cabinet sitting underwater wetsuit adults, accompanied by crowds in the coral reefs of colorful tropical fish.

Nationwide Relocation is a gimmick, but also the underwater cabinet meeting, if that is the Maldives tourism advertising ah.


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