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Good voice ad to sell the third quarter rose over 30% of the 1.3 billion

November 2, prior to the third quarter announced that no tender "China good sound" exclusive naming rights to 250 million yuan by the JDB renew. Advertising highest single 15 seconds to 112 million yuan, approaching the first quarter finals of the single highest price. All Seasons advertisement total more than 1.3 billion yuan, up 30 percent compared to the second quarter.
  Wang Jun, deputy director of Zhejiang TV, said, "Today really good, very few programs accredited by the audience. Example music talent show, allowing viewers to name really, I'm afraid the first one is the" China good voice "." In such a market, he that businesses look for a good voice, to scraping not surprising.
News Source: Beijing Times
Author: Xu Qinghong

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