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Critical point: 2014 China Good Voice change course if its commercial value or exhausted

China good sound just spent millions of viewers to accompany the second summer heat deficiencies still discussing a lot of friends on the occasion of the annual championship of things, while Niyaz good sound research is more concerned about China's future. Nine years ago, in Hunan guards begin broadcasting "Super Girl" a moment off the national talent show craze, nothing came after holding the three in a row, after a lapse of three years later in 2009 changed its name to "Happy Girl" revival, coincidentally also a "super- the boys. "

There is a saying in China, "Shibuguosan", used here, though not appropriate, but in 2014's third quarter China good voice probably could not escape every "three" will decline of doom, if still retaining the original model, I'm afraid to become bland after China good voice, his "China is good business" of commercial value will dig exhausted! Niyaz research with small partners must admit, it is entertaining, the Chinese good singing voice is currently the best class talent show. An estimated as many of my friends with Niyaz research, and entertainment enthusiasts themselves, only to be China good voice talent of this novel game system and professional programs attracted by a new variable is a quick process old.


Bottlenecks one: the show-style mud Ze

China's success is based on good sound "not judge a book, just to impress people with a voice," and high-end professional instructors assessment system, with the majority of domestic vulgar, low-threshold similar shows sharp drop after the fore. This mode of operation is actually high specification of the "double-edged sword", which has been branded and other high quality labels in the audience after the heart, with the audience's tastes become more sophisticated, difficult to reach easily under face "downhill" position, Like today's CCTV Spring Festival Gala, a very poor under invited Feng Xiaogang, Zhao Jiu Jia. In fact, China has a good voice production team aware of the problem. Niyaz research in each phase of China did not watch good sound case can be found in the selection phase of the blind tutor broadcast likelihood is successful promotion of the institute, the second round of placement assessment also added a mentor Invert selection link and so on. A series of changes in the details, the release of the game system in Europe and America good sound localization atmosphere. If so, "table" easy change "in the" breakthrough was the most challenging, from the aspects of: Instructors, students. If there is no new faces mentor, then the program was a new atmosphere and style is difficult in the second quarter China good voice emerged two new, play a connecting role. The participants, the study specifically asked Niyaz good sound around watching friends all agree that this is basically the overall quality as before. On the one hand, the audience of the detention preconceived thinking it, as we will present participants Zhang Heng Yuan billed as the defending champion Liang Bo; hand, many talent show mutual Zhengchun, quality students from different shunt or they participated in the draft program is to meet the program's style is gradually lost their original character.Suffer from this, this has good sound through the "sprint good voice", "Xinglang good sound" type of program nets audition at home and abroad, this uncertainty is too large. 

Bottleneck two: Moderator far more than an ad lines 

On an issue can be said to illness, "In Cou, where he will fear deep"; here is that the problem has become a disease of the user experience, "in the skin, where he will benefit deep. " As you continuously listen to "the mountains there was a temple," the story, do not you "Westward Journey" in the monk kept singing "only you" Monkey King to his fists when the urge? Not difficult to find a good voice for each of China are talk show host China appears less advertising, compared with little lines, so a lot of friends dubbed "China is China good little tongue in buying herbal tea with their lives." In addition, the second quarter China good voice broadcasting after each period and the number of ads spots frequency has increased significantly. In fact, China is good sound business model has been very clear: the ad-based, supplemented by copyright distribution, brokerage firms, trainees packaging tail. Look at the transcripts to media reports: the first quarter of China's total revenue 300 million yuan a good voice, of which 20 million advertising revenue each period, 15 seconds maximum offer 500000; second quarter total revenue of 1 billion, of which JDB 200,000,000 title, each income 80,000,000, 15 seconds maximum 3,800,000. In addition to Zhejiang TV production company with Canxing cooperation 2 million yuan from the Netherlands "The Voice" to get the copyright in China three years, the quarterly production inputs are 100 million. Two years to complete such income "Great Leap Forward" has been quite impressive. Overall advertising revenues accounted for 8 percent, the number of ads is also saturated, advertising only continue to increase with the future emergence of new standard king. Hard advertising program consisting of injury to the user experience, and perhaps the soft implant will be the future direction for improvement. 

Bottlenecks three: Internet Matrix feebly 

China good sound business value size is based been concern about the level where the ratings just by television to achieve a single presentation form visibility is very limited, fragmented, mobile lets embrace the Internet become a trend, the process of forming a Chinese official website of a good voice microblogging + APP + + + news client micro-channel matrix, looks perfect. Niyaz research experience a lot and found that in addition to good sound APP interaction with Internet products, other Internet products are used as communication channels, publishing some of the game situation, the content and timing of operations also no law, where information content is generated by third party operators. . # Topical use to improve public opinion, only play the role of brand maintenance. Ignoring the hand than a million fans a good voice student, did not achieve the Commonwealth on the Internet. Network of copyright, Sohu video 100,000,000 bought exclusive broadcasting rights, played a value, good sound these students as a sub-brand, the potential of greater value.The value should be through sub-brand products to achieve, that is, the characteristics of students with story, and on the silver screen display is very limited, the Internet can make. This inability to change posture and operational tangible way to make China a good sound to make concessions to keep advertising profitable overall texture while increasing China good voice internet penetration efforts to strengthen the sub-brand value, good sound through the Chinese Dragon (credit card ) or the future there will be a virtual derivatives enrich its commercial approach is the right way. 2014 China good voice last year of a three-year copyright, future copyright in its critical point will also be gone, to continue the success myth, believe Zhejiang TV unwilling to hand over, advertising standard king also continued with refresh, but it seems Niyaz research to the ultimate Internet product concept + Disney theming, the story of the "two-track" will make China a good voice to go further.


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