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Microblogging marketing dead end? Practitioners go from here?

In fact, the weibo in the micro-business marketing potential in 2013 has been quite obvious.Compared to previous years, the 2013 micro-blog hot topic, the vast majority are all kinds of social events, and movies, variety and other innate superiority of events have spread occupied.Corporate brand business communication attempt, even if access to the official microblogging resources to support the topic list, the last successful cases are still rare. Really only remembered by everyone nickname Cola bottles, ROSEONLY other handful. Of course, the microblogging platform certainly there are many no overnight explosion of red, is well known, but the price was higher, quietly muffled fortune smaller brands, but they can not actually figured out the case, you are unable to convince business owners maintain the confidence of micro-Bo, and continued investment budget.
So as a practitioner, how to plan for their future career extra protection?

First, the most critical thing is to have a social thinking .

Microblogging greatest value lies not in a huge user, if only so, then this is at best a CCTV on the Internet, it is important, but do not have the subversive force. Its real significance lies, so that companies and the audience becomes equal, this subversion of the traditional way of communication and interaction, and this subversion is irreversible.
To electricity providers, for example, if today overnight Taobao, Jingdong, Suning and other platforms collective disappeared, have become accustomed to staying at home and depleted world of all things you will convince yourself return to the traditional mode of shopping?Obviously this is unrealistic, because online shopping has become an everyday lifestyle.
Social thinking also, when people have become accustomed to equality, transparency, freedom of interaction, even micro-Bo is gone, they can not return once again to receive information passively life. Similarly, no matter what the future instead of the new social microblogging platform, as long as you have this way of thinking, can in the shortest amount of time to adapt.

Cultivate some form of original content capabilities , but also the future is extremely important professional skills.

In such a social platform where miracles may arise at any time, the so-called skills and experience are not important, but there are likely to become a burden to imprison your mind.Meanwhile, with the field of vertical segments, the importance of quality content even to some extent over the channel (channel not to say unimportant). The content herein does not mean blockbuster big ideas, but that can be sustained output routine content.
The so-called big ideas, you really want Biezu Jin thought, each team can always come up with twelve good idea, but this haphazardly and unsustainability of creativity, significance. Just as everyone talked about Durex year Beijing rainstorm flash in the pan, but if you do not have a daily routine content before continuing accumulation of this one incident alone, might be able to attract people's attention in a short time, but it is impossible to This attention is transformed into long-term fans. Today, more and more subdivided in various vertical field, if not blockbuster, alone positioning accuracy, style uniform continuity content gathered an audience, but also enough to get you and your business digested. As for the content of the form, as writing articles can accomplish to stay a few hands, ghosts foot seven, so video can easily make a small star called the beast, but also made a star by talking Luo Zhenyu, as long as you can play director, always grasp belong that part of your crowd.

And finally, it is more future-oriented data analysis capabilities .

Social marketing development so far, various social statistics has become a standard feature of the tool back. This means that once in the social marketing aspects of migraine subjective judgment, along with detailed data to support, becoming more objective. Meanwhile, those who are not good at creative enterprises can also through data analysis, the effect of the content of some of bland monitored and adjusted in the audience in a corresponding impact. Shiny creativity is important, but it is more data to support plain is the foundation. This is like a battlefield to compete, although the introduction of Towers marvel, but to win a battle, always surprising complement, but not overall in the hands of deception. Hehe so-called skilled persons without the power, in the micro-Bo, the infrastructure operators continue to achieve the ultimate, and thus earn real money a small brand, than to rely on big ideas to attract eyeballs to get much more successful enterprise.In this regard, conditional practitioners may wish to do business and Internet products and operations professionals Shi Duojia learn.

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