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People who understand you in Renren

Once upon a time, "90" and "non-mainstream", "brain damage" and other words always seem to have some kind of indistinct contact. Slackers, flirt, no limit, no festival parade, fight godfather, ignorance, many of them young public house ...... all the negative reviews. However, today's young people really so? The first batch of 90 have entered the community, perhaps we should also update the look perception of theirs. Recently, all network unveiled a new brand advertising, "Everyone who understands you," were composed by a team of TVC and 12 planes. Since the founding of eight young users has been the main Renren, which is the biggest difference compared to all networks and other social networking sites. As a base camp for young people, young people in all mesh look like?

Renren brand new version of the TVC: People who understand you in Renren

"Everyone says the young bad boys did not play, the girl did not responsibility, in addition to slackers, is anthomaniac Everyone says that young people like, boy creative, independent girl enough" ...... both before and after "everyone" apparently represents a different meaning, everyone equal say "everyone" says. Twelve plane in pairs, full of contrasts copywriting and visual creativity, from different angles, refresh the public perception of young people, for young people "rehabilitated" and thus convey "Renren most understand young people" in brand concept. It is worth mentioning that this creative advertising done by internal staff independently everyone, everyone can be said to show the first line of the network to the user's insight.

In addition, all network also launched a product advertising. The face of the empty classroom, the teacher resorted bitterly kill "the next class named", but in "naming weapon" interference, but ultimately did not succeed vent ...... advertising this way quite a sense of humor Everyone shows the version of the client group activities, group dynamics and convenient new features.

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