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Did you do over the plane Japanese?

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 Not think that report
 Here are some Japanese plane

Taiwan's "God of advertising", lingering song

Taiwan's "God of advertising", lingering song 

Recently, Taiwan's Buffalo seasonings launched a series of viral videos, divided into nagging, fruit, girlfriend, meat, father and daughter. 

Advertising includes Buffalo's barbeque sauce and red Congxiang, repeated again and again have people laughing affectionately episode. 

After watching it, that song seems to have a lingering "flowing speckled leaves my face, my son rebellious hurt my heart, what you say is like an ice pick piercing my heartmom was really hurt."

the video


"Phubbing" must-see movie "Look Up"

"Phubbing" must-see movie "Look Up" 

All these technologies we are just an illusion: Social, Friendship, inclusive sense, when you leave this device, you see a chaotic world, a world we have become slaves of Science and Technology, an information by some greedy bastards to sell to sell world, a self-interested, self-image, self-promotion in the world, Dajiadoumang share, and neglected emotions.

"Look Up" is an indictment "Phubbing" flood of video, it produced by the British Gary Turk, short film tells the story of a man's life possible.

the video: