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The North Face and Uber launched a key risk

This fall, The North Face launched innovative Technology Thermoball north Series jacket, lead the congregation's Interactive Media Group sound wisdom for the listing of product planning for a stall reality adventure show.

Today, the city people how to play are not unusual, it seems crazy to follow UBER together was the most popular. Every UBER announced a bold plan, there will be many who are getting curious. So, if The North Face and not just a taxi software UBER alliance, what will be what kind of spark clashes?

On the day, just turn UBER APP and choose "a key risk" mode, it is possible car called an adventure!Vehicle equipped, including Thermoball series jackets, all from The North Face exclusive offer, as long as you nod, adventure car will send you directly arrive adventure place, go outdoors to experience upstream, paragliding, and even desert island overnight visit to survive!

Early, The North Face and UBER in his official warm-up activity information platform for the implementation of the activities of landing the perfect bedding. With the activity step by step smoothly, micro-channel, microblogging, forums and major portals on the amount of risk a key sound is also rising, as of activities ending, a key risk # topic # microblogging reading has reached 12,026,000, produced a total of 54,000 fans to discuss the amount of micro-channel platforms produced a total of 800,000 + amount of reading, but there is a large number of micro-channel reached 100,000 + reading and exposure.

Activities in Wuhan and Hangzhou, two cities fall, the day, a total of about 700w people see pop open Uber App and activities, all vehicles within five minutes on the line after all grab namely finished.

The video


1, to find a suitable tipping point cut. Select Uber were spread all cited co-branding, in fact, is seen as the Uber brand Internet-based channels, through Uber burst point to help The North Face get wider dissemination. 

2, precise positioning brand potential audience. Consumer participation in the activities of a group of young people on weekdays love outdoor sports. Some of them alone on foot a month in Tibet, some of the riding as their graduation trip. Attracted to such a group of brand potential audience participation adventure equipment put on the north, during the real experience is the promotion of the most powerful new way. 

3, to make use of the network Reds spread highlights. The event, the public dissemination of the invitation cited bestselling author, the famous blogger "A sam's midnight," I, and Wuhan Chutian Music Radio DJ Lee Ray participate paragliding experience the two cities, a lot of activities rally.

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