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"Good voice" challenger——I am a singer

Nearly two weeks, some of the singers in the weibo said he received "BACK OFF" to invite users, Na Ying also respond to the entry of said support Han Huang Qi Shan, Paul Wong medium not known before the name also frequently appear suddenly, "can not do without you," "Waiting" and other songs are widely shared, and enter the Hunan Satellite TV to open in 2013 years launched Baidu songs top ten, all signals point to the first file of the top singer music showdown reality show "I'm a singer." 

This is a file to act as judges, by a general audience by a professional singer when grassroots music variety show, when the audience see the Chin Yu Quan, shabaoliang, and etc. is the industry recognized the famous singers on the same stage PK when this right reversal of pleasure that was no less than "good sound" see Liu Huan astonished turned his back chairs, then have to "pick and choose" the players, and so it is this conflict and subversion "I am a singer" quickly lead to the onlookers. January 18, after the first phase of the program was broadcast, the microblogging craze quickly made ​​a star singer Huang Qishan been buried, followed by "I'm the singer" is inserted in the advertising prices also rose 50%, from 80,000 every 15 seconds to $ 130,000, all these signs are so we have to think of the "good sound" just last year became popular when the scene.

Han microblogging said invited to go "I can not do without you, "the song ranking list after the broadcast of the" singer " singer "BACK OFF, Na Ying backed Huang Qishan "

Copyright purchased from Korean players do not pick too red

 if "good sound" the most eye-catching is that blind listen Blind election mode, then "I was the singer out of the draft rules to overturn the original the grassroots preferred by professional judges thinking is broken, standing on the platform waiting for the general audience accreditation have everyone look up to professional singers and strength to sing, the program group, said that this model is imported from South Korea's MBC television hit variety program "Yu". R & D team in the Hunan TV programs last year, "Yu" extremely strong after the purchase of the copyright, and since this is the first time South Korea's external output copyright, unlike the "good sound" predecessor "The voice of Holland" the as have been all over the country, has a mature operating rules, so the first few "I am a singer" "Basic into pieces according to South Korea to do the". "I am a Singer" program group and choose the most popular singer in the choice of singers, but who has not first-line singer, or buried sound, provide the opportunity to re-prove their strength as a singer . However, time when Chin this singer of Big Brother in negotiations, many viewers also worried that "if he was PK humiliating", in fact, this concern is also the the most singer refused to contest the main reason. Issue invitations to more than 100 of the Mainland and Hong Kong and Taiwan singers in a program group, many singers are said to have the courage and self-confidence entries Moreover, in accordance with the confidentiality provisions of the program group, less than to stand on the stage at the last minute, and even the players themselves are do not know want to "fight" with whom the same stage. However, this kind of suspense and apprehension is "I am the singer Aspect, the final program group competition to lure singer, also moved out of the top of the music team behind the scenes, even the orchestra onto the stage by the Hong Kong music Leung Alice Parker served as music director of the beams Alice Parker, Faye Wong, Eason Chan, Tsai Chin singer had also served as a record producer. The attentive audience has been found, the program group shown on a TV screen songwriter, also attached on the names of musicians, which is appreciated by many professional musicians. As for the rumors said, the team is "throwing money" invited to compete sing singer. "I am a singer director Hung Xiao explained" if money can do things simple, and frankly, the singer's appearance fees lower than the price of their commercial speech. "The

500 grassroots jury Reality Show Record

due The Advertising Administration had already banned the talent show named OTC vote, so all season "singers" in the singer's fate will be decided by the general audience of 500 music literacy. The 500 hearing different ages across five different decades, also have their own preference for the type of music appreciation. Audience with a small piece of paper to make a decision, the accumulated two lowest scores singer will be eliminated. Cut players have "good sound" before being leaked in advance warning, the "I the singer" program group also caution all viewers after the evacuation of over-the-counter, began to announce the final results. Addition, in order to increase the program with a more general audience interaction, Hunan Satellite TV is also about to launch QQ space "singer" the exclusive App, users can interact with the singer through this port, and to predict the fate of the singer.

Audience participate in the "singer" interactive "Hula" and "Mango Circle" by Hunan Satellite TV App

In addition to the very novel way grassroots judges audit professional singer, "I am a singer," the program with a reality show for the entire record from the singer into a television moment, their every move in the backcourt are to be broadcast in real time, which is so far, we've seen in the country, one of the few authentic form of reality show.

115 million exclusive title  
The Volvo all cars sponsored star red carpet appearances link

JDB betting "good sound" in the last year, 60 million, is considered to be the most significant success of the brand spent renamed crisis, but in the second draft boom was set off, this the scarce opportunity gone forever exclusive naming right "voice" in the second quarter of this year, has quickly soared to 200 million. According to legend, the Liby liquid detergent exclusive title "singer" costs have reached 115 million yuan, while the "singer" business model beyond the success of the "good sound" is also very difficult. According to the just-released ratings data show that, "I am a singer" rating was 0.95 compared with the first phase of 1.06 falling instead of rising, a far cry from the good voice 2.67 ratings too late broadcast time of the program (Fridays 22:00) is also considered one of the reasons that affect ratings. However the reality show, the program's format, or to help sponsor brand exposure and implanted in the form of Volvo star red carpet appearances link provides the support of the entire vehicle line. Wahaha new push this year, "liquid bread" the Gewa Si also one of the sponsors. Program group revealed that every 15 seconds 130,000 advertising spaces are still in short supply, and they are still developing new implant link and title makes the advertisers who had been holding a wait-and-see attitude due to the hit triggered branding, began to gradually restore confidence in January, the entire amount of TV advertising is expected to reach 600 million, and this figure is also the history never reached before.

"Good sound" when night blast Red last summer, when all the media people are looking forward to it re-draft complex of all the people back to the high point, but this time the emergence of the "singer", and also let the audience began to speculate that it can replicate the success of "good sound", whether from the business model, or a cultural phenomenon. TV operation rate of the city is getting lower and lower, while the first gear good variety show is even more scarce, despite the Internet to provide more resources, but this traditional TV media advertising effect and its appeal remains.

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