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New Year new customs Baidu search red envelope: build Internet

the Spring Festival approaching, when major brands are the topic of home reunion release micro-movies, TVC expand the Spring Festival affection offensive, as Internet companies, but also how to use their own advantages ground gas children do? Baidu recently on-line Spring Festival Search envelopes activities, combined with the traditions and customs of the Chinese New Year red envelopes, to create a cross-platform, multi-terminal found red envelopes activities. As the double-October "," Double 12 "electric commercial enterprises Taobao, Lynx, found red envelopes during the Spring Festival is also Baidu create the Internet for the manufacture of hot topics New Year new customs.

Baidu Search envelopes activities video

Search envelopes actually Baidu line during the Spring Festival, a free win Gifts activities, facing all the PC side, the mobile terminal (mobile phone, Pad) of Baidu users, activities, prizes, including a 70-year property hardcover holiday apartment, 15 Chery Fengyun 2 "cars, and a variety of luxury brands, gifts and so on, with a total value of 103 million.
In addition to the amount of red envelopes user coveted the Baidu search the most significant feature of the red envelope is a low threshold, easy to operate the PC end as long as the Baidu search for "red envelope" trigger Search envelopes activities. Activity flow through fun interactive answer session, not only be able to trigger the winning, but also be able to understand a variety of interesting knowledge, New Year customs, entertainment anecdote. Behind is Baidu recently on line and focus on the promotion of "intimate search" new features.
In the wireless end search red envelope, Baidu set the phone, Pad the terminal and App channel, and setting 8 Fukubukuro, respectively, corresponding to the Baidu search the main push of the eight categories scenarios. When the user be able to get "peace" Fukubukuro is, in addition to the prizes can be obtained corresponding, also check the Spring Festival traffic queries, "Hang" each child for extended weather forecast Sprint query and "the delicious" Fukubukuro corresponding gourmet restaurant recipes and other information. In addition, in order to strengthen the participation of the mobile end, Baidu in search of the mobile phone side red envelope breakthrough PC and Pad end can only search 15 times the limit, the phone end users wishing to increase your chances of winning, you can also download the search the red envelope artifact App ("Baidu" Baidu mobile browser "," Baidu voice assistant "," good 123 client "), as the Spring Festival travel season to grab votes artifact, the search red envelopes more Kaopu children.

In fact, as early as in 2011, Baidu had to test the water Spring Festival Search envelopes activities, activities during the search volume of over 100 million, was issued a red envelope total value of over 20 million, and 2013, along with the development of the Internet in China mature and mobile end surge of users, the influence of Baidu search red envelope will be more extensive. Baidu known from a few years previous, you know ", to the Mother's Day last year, Baidu launched" Achievement everyone equally, the Baidu brand slogan also to "go to Tools impression shift in favor of more much closer to the individual heart. The Search envelopes, it is also Baidu in China's traditional practices to create new custom Internet Spring Festival, people anywhere participation truly embodies the Internet Intelligent Technology Life "simple" and "equality" essentially the same time this Baidu in mobile end layout of an expansion and deep plowing.

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