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Baidu SEO Part One

According to DCCI2010 survey of the survival and development of the China Internet Webmaster, China Internet Webmaster monthly income of less than $ 500 and no income ratio exceeds 50%. Main profit model mainly comes from advertising, and most Internet entrepreneurs facing tremendous pressure to survive. Development is worrying.
How to change the plight they are facing faster and better is important issues, related to the rapid development of the Internet throughout the ecosphere. For Internet entrepreneurs, traffic is the key to success of website.

Internet Entrepreneurs Club by Baidu initiated the establishment of healthy development, support the innovative power of the Internet to expand the cooperation and development of Internet entrepreneurs is designed to help Internet entrepreneurs; love the Internet, and aspiring entrepreneurs to join the Internet to build a non-profit platform.
SEO Guide is to help Internet entrepreneurs on the right track in the early days, with more reasonable and scientific way to increase the number of their own websites included in search engine, and thus enhance the flow, rapid and healthy development for the futureto lay a solid foundation.
Through this guide, Internet entrepreneurs will get a clear, formal standard search engine optimization, rational, sustainable increase site traffic, long-term, stable development, and to promote the sound development of the industry.
SEO refers to the optimization of behavior in order to enhance the pages in the natural search results of the search engine (non-commercial promotion of results) included number and sort of position.The purpose of this act is to get more free traffic from the search engines, as well as to better show the image. SEM including SEO, also includes a paid commercial promotion optimization.
SEO since about 1997, gradually differentiate into two types of SEO behavior: a class called "white hat SEO. Such SEO plays a role improve and standardize website design, to make it more friendly to search engines and users, and to obtain a more reasonable traffic.
The search engine is to encourage and support the “white hat SEO”. Another type is called "black hat SEO" kind of the SEO _ take advantage of the enlarge strategy of the search engine defect (in fact, the perfect system does not exist) for more user visits.These visits is hurt the user experience at the cost. So, in the face of the behavior of the latter SEO, the search engine will be contained through a number of strategies.

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