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Revelation of the 2013 social gaming trend of marketing staff

Social games social platforms, mobile devices and the web page is the most charming and the most popular activities. With the rapid increase in use of mobile gaming, social games like wildfire spread rapidly. eMarketer predicts that by 2014, there will be more than half of social network users experience the social gaming in the United States, there will be 141 million users on mobile devices to experience the game, the 101 million user experience online casual games.

  EMarketer also said that in-game advertising revenue amount will be accompanied by the increase in the number of users and significant growth. Has a loyal users will undoubtedly represent a powerful new promotional opportunities, which will redefine the meaning of the operators of the electronic media in brand advertising. Marketing personnel in responding to the game field to understand? The following are six significant trends in the field of social games, and they intend to use the strength of cross-platform social game marketing inspiration.

In-game advertising

  1 game advertising to have 100% visibility, as well as new creative

  Around the IAP to promote electronic advertising industry to adopt the "visual effect" of a hot topic. The model has forced us will receive exposure to create attractive advertising. In-game advertising to ensure that all advertising can be depending on. Inconspicuous position in the social game or mobile applications, see the ads? No? Because they never do so.

  In addition, the social gaming an entirely new platform for marketers. Harris Interactive survey shows that 60% of smartphone users and 72% of Facebook users more willing to see the immersive interactive advertising, rather than static banner ads . In other words, the players hope to open a new advertising model. Now we should be committed to this goal.

  2 Everyone play social games

  Now, television is no longer the best medium of contact with the target user. Social games across various age user touches people from all walks of life. The Newzoo data pointed out that social media and online casual gamers age ranging from 10-65 years old. Similarly, eMarketer found that mobile games are well received by the large-scale user, and even the elderly. And this confirmed the game for marketers to provide a huge opportunity to facilitate them to contact all users are local to attract them, to respect the user experience, such as the key part of or "rescue time" interrupt is a counter-cases, even if they have been immersed in the gaming experience in.

  3 Social players covering all equipment, advertising should also keep pace

  Most of the time, the players are on the cross-platform and cross-device experience the game (especially on mobile devices). eMarketer data shows that smartphone users will spend nearly 39% of the time playing games, Tablet PC users will spend 67% of the time. Given that almost every day a new device available, play games across smartphones and tablet PCs, obviously the game brand should protect their own integrity, to ensure the consistency of the user experience. Find understanding HTML5, CSS3 and interactive design functional importance of developers and advertising platform is to provide a consistent, immersive experience key. The technical support marketing personnel on each platform to take the same kind of creative mode, in order to reduce the creativity of the audit process, and cut nearly half of the cost.

  4 Social game to enter the mobile platform

  Some trends in social games on Facebook platform has become saturated, but social gamers are still pages (such as Zynga game portal) and mobile platforms to choose from. The eMarketer report pointed out that users across screens to experience the game, a sharp increase in the number of mobile games. Expected by 2015 is expected to triple, and became the most popular activities of the American phone and tablet PC users. This is confirmed by the cross-platform game development opportunities while the game is still great development space. In order to take advantage of the growing scale of users, marketers must understand how to manage the complexity of the social game situation. Have a suitable industry partners, to help maximize your advertising and marketing effects.

  5 games built-in video advertising "must Options

  Juniper Charlotte Miller, an analyst in a recent report stated: "to create the immersion entertainment experience to attract users, key marketing take full advantage of the growing application usage." Then what kind of applications are most popular? The answer is undoubtedly the game. The games built-in video ads The for game marketing personnel to provide the best channels of operation of creative cross-platform. In addition, analysts report also pointed out that mobile video is one of the fastest growing mobile advertising model. Therefore, marketers can try to combine video games built with the entire marketing strategy.

  In order to ensure the best possible user experience, marketing Consideration should also be given to cooperation with prefetch technology company, and preloaded video ads before the start of the game. Prefetching techniques will not take up broadband speed, video ads instantly download unbuffered stage.

  6. Absorption value of video advertising exchange ideas

  Social game between players gave birth to positive emotions, strong social relationships and a sense of accomplishment. In addition, the social game also has other properties. You can take advantage of this positive atmosphere, to provide value through video ads based incentive model for social players. For example, if he is playing the "Song Pop" need help players by watching the promotion of information can eliminate two answers, this would reduce the guess range, players will continue to exist (and increase the value of the whole experience). Harris Interactive survey shows that more than half of Facebook users and smartphone users, compared to the pre-advertising, they prefer the new forms of advertising, such as the user's own type or value exchange advertising . For the above reason, you should support the value of video advertising trading, while rich players experience.

  In 2013, the social game advertising is still a huge surprise. It guarantees that the marketing staff can dig out the the earlier TV untapped loyal users. If you are not yet involved in the field of social games, it would quickly act now!

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