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JDB: You dare to call me dare send

Although the renamed version of the ad has been halted , but the JDB or tried their best to allow consumers who loudly call out the name. A few days ago, in Beijing Chaoyang Joy City, JDB staged a "Do you dare call me dare to send" interactive marketing activities.
Consumers simply facing the vending machines after modifications to shout out "New Year to tank JDB reaches a certain decibel case, you can get a jar of herbal tea. According to smell the day of the event, attended by more than 5,000 people and sent 1,200 cans JDB.

It is understood that the activities subsequently also landed in Guangzhou. Although not held in more cities, but JDB dedicated to creating the campaign website , upload and share to microblogging sweepstakes online recording. By the way, a Wanglaoji at the same time also launched public relations campaign of the New Year, and play a hundred flash activities in Guangzhou. Please self-appraisal.

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