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"Black Mirror": side effects

The human control Earth like slaveholders day is gone. When intelligent terminal to become the most important human prostheses, when social network enough about the policy decision of the media, and when the Technology Direct human thinking when, this sentence will be the British drama "Black Mirror" trying times prophecy awakened human. "Black Mirror" Focus on the insecurity of today's technology and the Internet, preview stylized picture of the world in the future to discuss the negative impact of technology on human life, extreme black humor. The comment was made: "devil's believe that technology is the power to change the world, at least the screenwriter of" black mirror "do not believe, simply dismantle all the media lies woven pieces, before you came to a never seen black frame, black mirror" not black comedy, but painful tragedy, like Jacques Tati shooting the foreseeable future "game time" that the Ministry has comedy to dismantle the pieces, leaving behind only those mechanized Erbinsimo technology on personality is almost devastating symptom of "Black Mirror" revealed bitterly predicted Technology plight of direct human thinking, when the dark side there is no hiding places, the world has become suspicion, doubt, vanity, immorality Paradise Lost. "

information out of control

"God Bless the Lord" in the first quarter begins for Princess, Susannah being hijacked, the kidnappers in exchange was to be Prime Minister Michael Callow in front of all television viewers with a pig mating. Prepared to feel the shame of the Prime Minister riddled unsuccessful attempt to rescue the princess eventually succumb under strong pressure from public opinion, social networking, mischievous tricks become the scourge of the whole nation. This is the era of social media manufacturing absurd event. The kidnapped princess prank video quickly spread through social networks, a large number of transponders it into a media topic will prank by a trifling matter finally the whole country knows that eventually led to the tragedy of the loss of control. In the era of information explosion, the social network as if the public opinion front, how much truth or untruth staged sounding, so that the law and order, media, moral bottom line vulnerable. Voices on the network, we read over and over again on the microblogging more news transfer rumors, forwarding and comments, just completely ignoring the real and illusion, Order Prime Minister on a pig "event over and over again ..

 data extreme


"Black Mirror" will not miss "big data" interpretation. The first quarter of the last episode of "your history", it will be the human memory data of memory can be readily checked. Just when privacy exposure Kusakabe, suspicion and questioning ensued. Suspicious lawyer hysteria in the memories of others in search of evidence of infidelity, and eventually led to his wife crash. The second quarter of the first episode, "I'll be right back," tells the story of a woman of my deceased boyfriend too, and finally lost in the story in the social network data synthesis the virtual lover "embrace". Technological development it is increasingly difficult to extricate themselves. The era of big data is undoubtedly a series of ideas to find a solution, when people's every move can be data interpretation, quantification, everything seems a lot simpler. Only in the "black mirror" view, data extraction and synthesis of function is the source of the pain. Now, the play led to the tragedy in the real world has begun. In March this year, a Twitter application named LivesOn about on-line, it uses Twitter data, analyze the user's online behavior and learn to imitate their way of speaking, can even continue to publish tweets, creating a digital afterlife (your socialafter life ).

In some ways, social media seems to have bridged the boundaries of life and death. LivesOn developers said James Norris, "this service can enhance the memory in your surviving friends and family to create some value for them." At least "black mirror" screenwriter can not agree, it will lawyer Liam's crazy freeze Martha virtual Ash addicted to enlarge impressively reveals the weakness of human nature, are shocking. Big data like a drug, it is addictive, but the side effects caused by the role people turn a blind eye. "Black Mirror" is the lens focus in the area between joy and anxiety, to tell you, it can change lives, it can ruin your life, until the darkness of human nature to the extreme.

Cold violence onlookers

The second quarter of the second episode, "polar bear", a strange signal to most people into not thinking "voyeur", only a few people can resist the invasion of the signal and independent thinking. The group of a few people will become a hunting target, voyeur by the gesture had nothing to do crowd all the way, using a mobile phone to record the massacre.

  It all looks as if a nightmare, but it is the only secular portrayal of this age. Diaoyu Islands, smashed cars event last year, certain owners of skull smashed through, we see countless people holding a cell phone to shoot; Gaddafi during the morgue, attracted a large number of people queuing up to take pictures. "Polar bear" explore is a phone onlookers era nightmare. Until one day, the majority of the population to become indifferent voyeurism, the other part is either crazy either dead or fled. When the so-called prisoners of despair shouting "Help me, I am a human being," This is the tragedy of the times, but also crowd the cold violence of turning a blind eye to.
"Black Mirror", mobile phones and social networks which have been repeatedly mentioned culprit. Undisguised pessimism technology, devastating transformation of anguished portrayal of technology on humanity. While this an almost desperate prophecy, but look around, read the news, shopping, anger and ecstasy, over and over again bow brush microblogging page, refused to exchange. It is difficult to avoid the sequelae of scientific and technological progress. At the time of writing this article, Google has just released Google latest video glasses , it can be done by simple voice control a variety of actions, even in people not question the answer for U.S. users open reservation. Another technology is about to spread. We seem to be away from the "black mirror" to create a highly developed technology and easy world is getting closer to this point, I do not know the happy or sad, just think of Charlie Brooker had said a word: if we are silly enough words the future is like this.

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