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The era of new media, public relations is how to do it pretty?

Author: Wang Qi (Qihoo 360 public relations manager)
 reporters micro-Bo broke the news, said: a company in the Tablet PC new open conference, public relations officer of the Q & A session meticulously prepared, of which there are two particularly interesting: new product can be said is the Rolls-Royce in the tablet, how do you think?
 2, you do not realize that designing a revolutionary product, there is no sense of pride? Engage in public relations all know, the media conference, looking for a few good relationship with reporters, arrange a few "nauseating" active-atmosphere transfer information very unremarkable. However, things get said, why you feel so Acura microblogging? Those originally considered public relations marketing tool as it should, in this new media era of rampant since the media is becoming someone else's joke. Really do not like the environment, according to the original path of public relations marketing, not only increasingly ridiculous, and no doubt kill. In the last few years, the first-line media and media managers, there is a widespread collective anxiety, the way of traditional media how to go from here? 's Emergence of new media to let this anxiety becomes manic, senior media people at an unprecedented speed to break away from traditional media, or transition to the Internet, such as YangJinLin or play from the media, such as Cheng Ling Feng, Luo Zhenyu or business, such as Netease Department. Media and media people to play has changed, audiences and readers changed environment of public opinion has changed, those means in the media seems ridiculous, audiences feel suspicious, no effect and even a negative impact on the enterprise, public relations practitioners play how can also unchanged? The "change" is a correct nonsense. In fact, everyone know that this has changed, but the problem is that the direction of it? Media itself is still in the blind breakout should the public relations practitioners choose what way? Fortunately, or be able to see some interesting explorations give two typical examples: 1, Ali Baba, Ali Baba, in response to rumors of the new CEO candidates, did not take the old road. Pay Bao CEO Peng Lei succession the Alibaba CEO of rumors by former Paypal employees Feng Dahui microblogging for some words triggered (leaving employees to the corporate communications bring the behind us again and Syria), he revealed that, pay treasure CEO Peng Lei has began to serve as Ali Group CPO, and speculated that it may be preparing the succession of Ali Group CEO Peng Lei. Such rumors triggered by the micro-Bo, and quickly spread throughout the network. The impact of this rumor mainly in three aspects: first, to Peng Lei impact Alipay employees mentality change, Alibaba CEO succession problem becomes more complex. What is the traditional practice? Either rumor or ignore. Said first eye, this is impossible. In the center of the vortex of public opinion, to ignore is the default, which is obviously not to Alibaba. Besides the rumor. Media credibility are gradually disintegrate media thing to say "no", the public tend to think that ". After several government rumor delete microblogging experience, the public provision of rumor and deleted issued on the contrary, no doubt. "Ballad" more provision more black, but to accelerate the spread of rumors. The Alipay practice is undoubtedly wise: send a post by Peng Lei on their network, and Alipay PR Chen Liang Go microblogging. This does not stop the spread of rumors, but the content of this post more than rumors material, plus and Sun Tongyu divorce remarry that period, soon Help "overshadowed by the rumors. Recently seen since the best way to respond to rumors, no one. 2 Wanglaoji last May, the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission ruled JDB parent company to stop using the trademark. "Wong Lo Kat". In January of this year, JDB herbal tea the slogan again be court ban. In the JDB GPHL litigation, JDB been at a disadvantage. Sorry body "series microblogging seemingly apology, but in reality done an injustice, this disadvantage completed an excellent emotional rebound, won a lot of sympathy. The old-fashioned approach is what?Nothing more than a few points: first, the legal counterclaims Wanglaoji monopoly, hegemony, second, denounced the unfair competition Wanglaoji misinterpreted ban, playing with words changed to change on the ad continues, is nothing more than the most ruthless expose Court The collusion between Wanglaoji interests. The traditional way as if the two people quarrel, fight red in the face, exposing the shady man it would have offended the court and the government. But, nevertheless, and the audience, what is the relationship? The audience does not care about business competition, it does not matter who is in the. The enough boring life, who will see the announcement statement righteous rhetoric? JDB four "Sorry body" picture is so anti said SOE Wanglaoji genes, lazy ridicule head. To the public impression of weakness, strong, with a smile from exposing scars to show his grace, tolerance compared Wanglaoji by law to suppress, it is clear that technology high of more than one chip is shown to the opponent. Sensitive readers should also see that, in response to in the above two examples become masters. Yes, everyone has microblogging everybody reporters environment should become the norm in corporate public relations, looking for the opportunity to attack should be "forward propagation may . If chess, addition to cannon Malay jump start, after each step both in response to and in the attack. Cope chess game, and cope with the players psychological, waiting for an opportunity to get the offensive timing. The rumors, hearsay and biased view of the characteristics of the new media, you will not know where will emerge rumors, complaints and criticisms, should become a day-to-day public relations. A beverage FMCG PR told me, is proportional to the amount they encounter complaints, criticisms and marketing, make him a lot of inconvenience. Some complaints and the rumors explained many times, but still continually cited by the media, for example, will not spermicidal. Some rumors behind the obvious interests of the chain seems to get into a group of underworld. After listening to him complain, I sigh, FMCG less than 360 work experience I encountered these problems. Before, you can get the media to get writers, it is not always okay to get competent departments. Now? An anonymous microblogging account will be able to broke the news, a micro-mass to tens of thousands of people can like mobile newspaper as a letter to the public platform. PR marketing more and more passive. Exaggeration to say that, even if you get more than 3000 kinds of China more than 9500 kinds of newspapers magazines and all the news sites, there are 400 million microblogging users engage given you? 30 million micro-channel public account you engage the fixed it? Every minute will be able to build up the tech blog you engage the fixed it? Get is no longer stable, settle is not reassert level. Get what, how to engage; settle what, how to put this is a corporate PR should reconsider. Monumental changes in the media environment, several phenomena are particularly noteworthy. First, a large number of media people out of the media, with a large number of free brain. Turned out to be a media brand covering the point of view of advertisers, the department in charge of diluted almost can not see, and now will be seen in various media. For example, the media people YangJinLin complain about the problems the Hangzhou airport taxi did not play table, microblogging spread of great influence on the image of the city of Hangzhou. Second, the real ability to output view are actually not much. Seen the southern province of publicity within the department to do a research report, the report shows the number of people, the microblogging can really impact the popular view of not more than 80 people, popularity does not equal influence. Internet industry, for example, only 20 people have mass influence. Third, the rapid development of micro-channel public platform mushroomed, but mainly spread in the micro-channel public platform from microblogging and other media. Decided that because the product characteristics of the micro-channel, the spread of power is weak, can affect more than 50,000 the number of micro-channel public queen. However, the high accuracy of the micro-channel public platform, more suitable for directional spread. Fourth, since media sites, tech blogs are becoming the point of view of the portal and other media source, but the spread is not strong since media website itself. In other words, the portal-media website content amplifier, existence since media sites as insightful source. Same time, the magazine of such media form similar, and also since the media site itself propagation weak, and the contents of which after amplification in order to reach the most audience.Fifth, integrated the class print media influence decline weaken credibility. How long did you have to buy a newspaper? Perpendicular to specific areas of the media there is a unique advantage. For example, a Zhejiang Metropolis last year, revenue fell 20%, while the same group, another newspaper to focus on the elderly has been on growth. Sixth, some of the interests of the public relations firm drive self-built media, just take a site as a news source, at some point around public opinion affect the spread positions. Seventh, the audience does not care media sources, only loyalty platform content, such as Zaker, today's headlines. Eighth audience trust in the media has been low to the limit, but authenticated users of the microblogging micro-channel the public No. blindly trust certification.Ninth, the very low cost of spreading rumors on the microblogging platform. It is no exaggeration to say that the rumor rumor rumor biography will become the basic quality of corporate PR. Sina own way to deal with microblogging on its rumors, seen the Florida deal with rumors. These unprecedented phenomenon of corporate public relations marketing problem. Growing multi-platform media properties, more and more the propagation characteristics complaints and criticism, your competitors are getting worse and worse, your users are increasingly picky, the media is getting smarter. Even with no amount of the annual budget spent less than RBI from the media, new media who, for many years cooperation of traditional media, the day-to-day coping consuming human, financial job.So, is there really no way? Of course not. Does public relations more and more like the products do, only where users gather in close combat, in order to understand user needs and public relations feeling. Kind of a few people in the conference room to discuss the way to say "line" is now often not. The PR marketing this thing is craft activities, interesting is that every attack in the creation of a new product. Spread this successful, the spread of bad product failures. And those who start with a large number of venture capital venture product failure probability of a large, carved out of a few people with brain by users favor the dissemination of success and IQ. God gave everyone a brain, use it to think about doing public relations and how to spend money, might as well think about the following questions: first, the audience wants to see what like to meet user needs. For example, in recent days, Li Shuang-son gang rape pass wide this PR forces behind impossible not to promote but to promote clearly caters to the needs of the audience: to see the big man a fool. Today to see Li Shuang-wife pleading for her son, I hope more tolerant, needless to say, this is extremely failed PR response will only enlarge the public feelings of ill son Lee. Second, the media is now what is missing, find a point of view of the blue ocean. For example, years ago cheetah browser interviews with the case of the Ministry of Railways, coincides with the Spring Festival travel season ticket peak, the media is missing the consumption of the Ministry of Railways of the material, how could miss event sent home? Third, the competitors are doing. For example, Jingdong announced financing of $ 700 million, it is learned that Ali impending capital operation PR attack. The same gap is in 3B war, compete for the media the right to speak pretty hype Soso, Sogou acquisition. Fourth, the most popular social topics. Pornographic case after Lei Zheng Fu and other high-ranking officials in Chongqing, is welcome to the social hot spots on the success of public relations: would like to see the exposure of corrupt officials.From this point up, Zhu Ruifeng is the absolute master of this gimmick. Fifth, how do perspectives beta, how to get the perspective rapid iteration. Public relations and make products to be planning to eat a year are long gone, and even a month planning should not.Throws a point of view in order to obtain feedback and get feedback to adjust the direction. And make products like small run fast iterative public relations, is the most grounded and gas marketing. Sixth, how to consume the body than your organization.Applicable for small and medium-sized companies. An Internet death occurs only in two cases: First, the product manager has made ​​a serious mistake, mutations product environment. Mutations in the environment of public opinion has already occurred, will soon lose the original advantage to see a large number of public relations practitioners clung to traditional thinking. Product manager on the feel of the product determines that a product can go far, the public relations staff also sensitive to the environment will determine the PR this thing can do how long. Someone has 12 years of media industry experience to another four-year public relations firm experienced predecessors said, the public relations firm to complete the work of the indicators, talented people taking over the vice president strategy; another well-known financial magazine editorial board that he contacted typically no idea of the public relations firm, only asked if he could do the reports, can send some P. In a sense, no matter how good service public relations company business will be getting worse. When companies recognize that the above problems can not be solved by the public relations firm, the the PR craft job or by the enterprises themselves the surgeon more reliable. So, enterprises own surgeon the PR what to do to do beautiful? First, let PR unlike publicist. Du Yuesheng author of PR in the eyes of God, although never what the book says Du Yuesheng is a marketing, public relations practitioners. Put aside the opium trade and other business aside, only acted, and accurately grasp the hearts of these points, no single individual in its top. In fact, Du Yuesheng era starting to focus on "self-Media". He is always asking him regardless of rank, the level of a helping hand, not a few people on the beach, talking about Du Yuesheng ill. The traditional newspaper, Du Yuesheng take special care of the interface reporters, and even some reporters the whole family by Du Yuesheng feed. So then the circle everyone know that and Du Yuesheng planning to kill the workers' leaders the Wang Shouhua, but the newspaper did not board. Do not like public relations in order to do the PR thing, otherwise, others shunned. Second, a reasonable response to the former employees broke the news. As mentioned before, to pay Bao former employees Fengda Hui broke the news on Alibaba successor CEO candidates rumors, apparently personal credibility higher than other identity. This situation inevitably, the most sensible approach for enterprises is "blatant lies" that early exposure. Burst their own material, and let others no material can be explosive. Such as Ma outgoing CEO of the Click thinking operation. If someone constantly broke Ma outgoing, triggered guess the consequences can be imagined. Followed by the handling of the parties diametrically opposed to doing the instructions, of course Harmony description only make people feel in excuse, only with personal emotions, to the collapse broke the man's credibility. Third, and the media does not really matter, but also media relations? The answer is, you can not media relations, but have Media Relations.Passed the point of view of the media is no longer authoritative, are no longer the only, or even more affordable. A criticism on XX the Evening or XX Observer reported that trump Reporter editor-in-chief of the few personal point of view is more powerful. At the same time, the flow of media between the media unprecedented high-speed established since the media, and even a lot of media people, in this case, media relations become empty talk. Fourth toB company and toC proportion of investment in new media and print media on both sides of the? In fact, it depends on you how to look at the relationship between the media and the media people. Fifth, how to deal with rumors and transfer rumors? In today's media form "rumors" This deformity public opinion is becoming more normalized, the old "rumor" means not working. Analyze rumors motivation to study the transfer rumors the path destruction rumor soil problems encountered every day by each corporate PR. Obama first ran in 2008 when their personal network rumors flying, the Obama team has set up special "rumors lighthouse, false rumors are not afraid of the sun, which is worthy of one of the reference approach. In addition, we know how the rumor, we would know how to spread rumors, transfer rumors will spread rumors, dare rumor made ​​good ballad, the big advantage in the dissemination. In a few days ago and the exchange of media, marketing people, a medical electrical company in China, director of public relations that strokes PR to look at this man microblogging who are concerned, for example, is not concerned about a lot of reporters, if you are concerned about are not take the world with their own people, their social lives too far away, are not grounded gas. Contrary to my point of view, too like a public relations concern many reporters PR, certainly too narrow field of view, and only concerned with their own area of work is very difficult to do a good job in the field of public opinion now spread. PR do not like public relations, public relations do as in products, will it be possible to make a nice spread of works. Was summed up a few words on how to do a good job of marketing, public relations, I completely agree with: written manuscript, put it down, face, had known, had sister paper. Said Cock wire point, it should be: dreams, feelings, not utopian. Do you think, is that so?

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