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The wine how female boss surprise move tourism marketing strategy with billowing tourists

The industrial tours launched, bring clientele. This is the tourists visit the underground wine cellar.The reporter photo
  Was once a high school teacher Chen Meiling turned to the business community since 1993, we continue to expand their own business areas, from initial garment industry to real estate development, to the the hottest competitive wine industry. How to stand out from the tyrannical lined wine market?Chen Meiling gives his own answer.
  The cellar Mode intent overtaking
  Hidden in underground Meishan Town, Nanan City, Chen Meiling cellar reputation rapidly spread on the ground, an area of ​​over 1000 square meters of underground cellars invest more than 2000 million, to be known as the "wine museum stocked .
  Into the cellar, the promenade on both sides of the a dozen bodegas room, Cellar Indoor kinds of wine assortment. "In addition to our own winery the decade produced in red wine country famous, like Lafite this price from thousands of dollars a bottle to tens of dollars a bottle have."
  Wine Maotai, Wuliangye liquor, and Hennessy, Louis XIII and other wine cellar addition, a total of more than 1000 kinds, called the province's largest private underground wine cellar is not excessive.
  Chen Meiling spend heavily in the construction of the cellar is not in order for wine collectors to play with, this is her business a competitive weapon.
  Since march wine production, investment in Changli has called "Oriental Bordeaux" wine base, and build their own brand decade red ", and her hope that one day and domestic wine Changyu, Great Wall in the market to compete against.
  "From all aspects of the quality, we are not to lose them, but because it is a latecomer to walk them to play the old market, fear is never caught up." Chen Meiling said.
  She recalls, brand quickly was indeed considered advertising on television, and also considering the massive promotion, but eventually gave up the idea because of the costs unbearable. To television advertising, and then to open stores or enter the hotel business over two hundred million is impossible to do. "
  In recent years, the rise of specialization cellar Chen Meiling ultimately choose to seize market share buy channels. "Quanzhou wine wind prevailed, and the private economy developed, high-end customer base, is a bonanza." She said.
  What specialization cellar? "Although wine storage, but is not a simple wine library which is not just to sell liquor, the main function is to show and spread wine culture." Chen Meiling said.
  Sommelier wine cellar stocked with a wine tasting leisure area, in addition to the action in accordance with a standard set of open wine, pouring, and also communicate with the guests pick wine, wine tasting skills, as well as knowledge of the history, etiquette and wine .
  Chen Meiling's intention is to embark on a different brand on the road in the past, hope cellar nurture high-end customers, and then the brand to attract low-end consumer groups.
  Tourism marketing bring tourists
  In fact, Meishan Town location, even if Chen Meiling cellar little interest is not surprising.
  How to let the wine cellar is located in the countryside popularity to become prosperous, indeed let Chen Meiling and spent a lot of thought, and eventually she thought of the way of the rural tourism: "I'm such a big wine cellar, so much wine, is itself attractions to play with people who are potential customers. "
  But she also realized that, if painfully drove tens of kilometers a wine cellar, even if to send a bottle of wine tourists interested person may not be a lot of.
  "One of the attractions indeed too thin, and later several tourist spots of the same needs of the surrounding concatenated to form an industrial tourism marketing mode." Chen Meiling said.
  This is called "charm Nanan rural tour" line, in addition to Chen Meiling cellar also includes the Southampton poetry Millennium Temple - Fengshan Temple Town, Sun River Springs town pier and Ding Mei Town United States the furniture Creative Culture Hall, the Fengshan scenic Peng Figure Hotels have joined them.
  Late last year, after the launch of this line, it has attracted a large number of tourists come. Day, wine products, see the furniture, hot springs, thanks to famous temples, visitors all have fun and go.
  In fact, this string points into line resources to integrate in Quanzhou existing successful precedent and become a craze.
  Yongchun County, "Cloud Valley - the Dongxi Grand Canyon - Niumulin of line, has long been the surrounding area is very respected line of eco-tourism, and later, the county will the Yongchun Laocu and Yongchun Shunde Church food industrial tour project also arrange to come in, extend the visitors dwell time, bring the tourists.
  Jinjiang City is also brewing launched a tour of the sporting goods carriers, brand men's tasting tour, food drinks tasting tours, industrial tours. 

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