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Funny Monkey in Shanghai

Funny Monkey 

Yesterday afternoon,I saw a monkey in Shanghai. There are two monkeys. They are very funny. And that make me thought of a video from another city in China. It is also about monkey that in the street.

What do you think about it?

I think it is funny but feel sad.
I don't understand, this man is a sacred to make a living, but in the show, not a person to touch the pocket. But then again, in this ordinary the neighborhood near the road to busk, probably no one give money. I think this is a kind of endless sad!

It is no gain at the expense of the animal dignity street people shallow one of Babbitt, and the monkeys are playing by the macaques, is a national level 2 protected animal, this is in violation of the law on the protection of wild animals.

Photos: Funny Monkey 

I found some pictures about monkey in Shanghai zoo. They are beauty.

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