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The pillars of SEO in 2013

The first and most essential is the research and analysis of keywords that focus almost all your digital marketing. These words will be used to search for content that can help you create your own, to write your posts, and even to make good content for social networks and find interer hash-tags both Twitter and Facebook and Google+.
And how to do that first and decisive keywords search? In our first info-graphic are the five steps, namely:
  • - Identifying your landing page (or Welcome Page)
  • - Looking for words related to certain topics
  • - Using keywords from Google tool for the popularity of each of the selected keywords
  • - Making an analysis of competition and, finally, ending the test again using Google tool to remove the words with little traffic.

1. Info-graphic How to entire keyword search
After this search, where you use these keywords? Find out in the following graphics, where you'll also discover how to proactively search links (representing 21% of the positioning of your website). Click on the following link to access the info-graphic:
2. The 5 pillars of SEO 
The last day info-graphic gives us the latest updates from Penguin and the latest trends in SEO, perhaps, for more experienced users in web positioning. Keep an eye on the info-graphic on the following link:
3. The latest trends in SEO 
If you're a Social With It in social networks, you already know my position regarding SEO. If not, here also share one last thought to start a debate: For me your web positioning depends almost exclusively today that you elaborate content for your website. The more original, better written and contain more information relevant to your industry, your site will be better positioned.Keywords?? Meta descriptions?? Yes, too. But it's not SEO specific, but the writing itself and much of common sense. Is not any text would start with the most important, knowing that readers lose interest after the first few seconds of reading?

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