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Wechat marketing, how far away?

Remember the beginning of madness do? Marketing can make money doing micro-channel, low-cost high-yield, do not understand? 19,999 yuan to listen to my training, ranging from micro-colored letter Summit, and made emphasis on user experience, Zhang Xiaolong have repeatedly stressed, micro-channel marketing is not done, is doing service.
In the midst of the hustle and bustle after the companies began to pay off tuition reflection, micro-channel nor masters clamored so "artifact" Well! Really can not do marketing. A mobile IM is the essence of things, how could the task of carrying Marketing? How likely do CRM? How can we save the decadent economic situation is not innovative products business? How can you change never wake up sinking the heart of the traditional marketing model.

Subscribe number of push has cooled

Since the introduction of micro-channel subscription number and service number, service number of the most upgraded to die because they can not provide what the cow B services, maintain subscription number is also crumbling, open rates decreased by 50% or more. For corporate subscription number is concerned, nor may find yourself unable to make an excellent platform for subscription. Very simple, ask yourself, would you push companies to focus on one day Introduction public number?
(Note: The subscription number for the media and individuals to provide a new information communication, build better communication between readers and management models, such as our SocialBeta account hisocialbeta official micro-channel is the subscription number, only a day to send the audience 1 information content.)

Service number only rich handsome new toy

Service number is still retained essentially banks and operators, they have enough budget, small is 200,000, then 3,000,000 of H5 large development costs, marketing expenses did not say, and some fast-million level cumulative investment , and have come but for the prize is not a zombie brain residual powder, looking down daily user data, egg pain whooped help.
A new media marketing for many years engaged in the veterans told me to real estate, for example, micro-blog and micro-enterprises are willing to pay for the letter why, largely because of those years did not really let creative "Marketing Director" big bosses to Koichi back please Bale.
And SMEs, even have a database of enterprises, also did not carry out "service", on the one hand Tencent does not provide a good solution, on the other hand, companies do not service gene, domestic enterprises is still a "one-shot deal." thinking. Put it mildly, business owners are savvy owners, before being microblogging cheated, the micro-channel no longer fooled.
(Note: The micro-channel service number to businesses and organizations to provide a more robust business services and user management capabilities to help companies quickly implement new public number of service platforms, such as China Merchants Bank's micro-channel public account is the service number, if you are a cardholder, you can Quick Check credit card bills, lines and points; rapid repayment installment billing application; micro-channel adapter human services; credit card, micro-channel free pen reminder, if not the cardholder, you can do micro-channel card!)

Membership card is not used up

It stands to reason, micro-channel business membership card is the ultimate solution, "Tencent micro-life" is indeed also to provide customers with a complete solution, but the money is collected Degui points, narrow point of service. Later, even Taobao also put forward a little bit out of a spoiler, but unfortunately still not a bubble ring. This demand is mainly based food and beverage industry, the domestic food and beverage, or good business to death, night queuing for half an hour or more, what are they do not need membership cards, and business is not good, get hold of what the membership card is useless .
(Note: The next picture shows Tencent micro-life business use of process)
Micro-letters "discovery" sweep the open
Scan-store or web-dimensional code
User access to electronic membership card
Open to the shop can be used to produce micro-channel

Tencent is not open?

Until today, perhaps the future, Tencent will not open user data and user relationships, to do service in the micro letter is basically impossible. In the public number is not a good business model case, expression, games, pay is tricky business direction. As Tencent speaking, payment is the key, as the number of public enterprises various marketing needs, largely outside the scope of consideration.

Consumers do not buy it

Back in June, when official data showed that the public micro-channel numbers are 1 million, do not know that there are not increased to 2,000,000, the core is Until now, the public knows the user level number is not much, but is 5.0 planes, Let people know that the earth is actually a micro-channel game app, public awareness has been low numbers, so that enterprises in the promotion of micro letter, the difficulty is not small. The so-called micro-payment letter will also encounter the challenges of user habits, who told've got your fill fast hardware Alipay yet.

The so-called marketing entrance just wishful thinking

Before listening to many experts talked about, most do micro-channel marketing portal, user data can be superimposed on the most direct communication between users, but also to complete the database of accumulation, for precision marketing. Male song is also micro-channel operation 2.0's theory, that the micro-channel precision marketing is the ultimate solution. However, from the current market environment, the user's acceptance of a point of view, the so-called product attributes above the entrance only from the judgment, most users do not have this sense, there is no such intention. The most frightening thing is that business owners of this demand is not large, the degree of attention is not enough.
To sum ​​up, as the male song in the " release the micro-channel , "a text describes, micro-channel marketing fiery behind China's economic trends," calm ", Chinese enterprises confused, they need to change their high-tech, six months later, they found , who could not save himself.

Where is the problem?

Everyone has seen millet marketing success and saw the fiery electricity supplier, to see the impact of the Internet on traditional industries, but the majority of enterprises in the mode of thinking, there is no Internet-based marketing idea, Take micro-letters, they just put him as a tool for advocacy and communication, there is no real use to the enterprise product design, user research, channel marketing, market feedback, that is, their products and operations is still the same.
From a marketing concept development trends, relationship marketing is the biggest trend, while fans of the popular economy, donations and a reward is representing the development direction of marketing, marketing is communication, communication is the marketing, the core task is to build relationships, the key not product sales letter made before and after the micro-micro-Bo, but from the start began to design interactive products, allowing customers into the whole process of product life. Such as pre-product design, allowing users to vote, and even provide funds sales process involved in product launches, invitation code application, product or business user community structures and management.
Micro-channel is not used to make traditional marketing because traditional marketing models and practices have been downhill.

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