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Dual 11 business ads Wars Collection

Dual 11 you purchased it? How many people stay up all night last night, "preparing", today wore black eye to come to work? Dare to give a hand? Watching Taobao sales figures still rub Cengceng go up, had mixed feelings: People's power is infinite. Can not help but want to appeal to the next: to be rational shopping ah, the pro! And you share so much, too long to get the goods N ah! Zan lively online shopping here, but people are also business ads are also playing fiery.

The annual double 11 again, last year's double 11 days cat Taobao has created the miracle of turnover 19.1 billion this year from the launch of the brand in all kinds of humor, creative advertising, but also watch out of its gearing up trend.
Dual 11 Past and Present

First, we have to look back at double 11 past lives, and to this phenomenon a Secret. Know it when Reviewing the Old, do not know to hurry to learn about.

(The film by "flashers creative 'creation)

Lynx: Lynx pair 11 coming!
Speaking of double 11, without mentioning its originator - Lynx. 2009 Taobao in this day an occasion to "strip" planned commodity half of the whole network organized big promotion, Paypal transaction amounted to 100 million. Lynx has now become a major field of electronic business and promotional activities. This year's double 11, Lynx released a series of advertisements.

Jingdong dual 11 advertisement
Jingdong launched two way video advertising uses irony, by comparing other stores slow delivery, highlighting their "more with less" fast logistics brand image. Exaggerated character modeling, so that the audience for their online shopping experience sad reminder empathize movie in the creative and brand promotion blowing loud Assembly. In addition to video, as well as outdoor advertising, small not uncommon to the bus station.

In addition to video advertising and outdoor advertising, there is no festival parade Jingdong also launched a poster, and in the day of the event, but also arrogant up.

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