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See also double 11, the seven electricity supplier promotional phenomenon must

11.11, and a suction gold date, facing an increasingly competitive environment, in a dual 11 approaching, how to win the eye electricity providers have high purchasing power in the high current flow is able to tease the audience's ears, advertising, public relations, new media often become the protagonist of each promotion. Others, such as 50% off Date marketing, CEO challenge, the phenomenon of internal information are flying with seven electricity suppliers promotion appeared frequently.

11.11, and a suction gold date, facing an increasingly competitive environment, in a dual 11 approaching, how to win the eye electricity providers have high purchasing power in the high current flow is able to tease the audience's ears, advertising, public relations, new media often become the protagonist of each promotion.
1.5 fold
5 fold, this gimmick is thousands of years of time-tested tricks, after all, China is still the consumer price sensitive crowd, just as in recent years, electric commercial enterprises often play word games consumers already feel this is unknown Li, not knowing that fact, as early as Lynx In the last pair of 11 had already ordered a halt to five fold slogans.
For dates have been deep in the heart of the user, the real strength is not how to solve, but more compact understand the user, the user most of the time now diverted to the phone, the phone side appeared; users are willing to line contrast, buy online , Well O2O appeared, consumers want to get fast and effective speed up the logistics system also appeared.
2. Never absent "supplier"
Whether "Alternative suppliers' or executives clamor Taobao Jingdong forced suppliers" is the Road to Serfdom "or Dangdang" promotional fee "every major vendor can often promote close protagonist is expected to grab the limelight. You had a very simple for my marketing partnerships often involve behind shady, money transactions, vicious competition, seize power, they like the idea that the story repeatedly staged media have chased perseverance, complete-law on this story appeared.
However, this approach was able to quickly ignite media attention, the media hype I will sort out the story, they often said, because X 6.18 East to be held with the anniversary, invisible in the consumer recruited.
After entering double 11, this sweet game vendor has not, for to do a new advertising-style marketing.
3 Date of Marketing
Chinese people pay attention to climate, geography, and product promotion as their time is often less effective results can also play double 11,6.18, "3.12 Dangdang something big happens, "and so will the memory point for consumers twelve, can remember the day, often a major success.
Speaking of dates, anniversary is an addition made is also a section, and after the success of the festival made the effect will benefit future generations, a few years later, little or equal investment, but also you can see from the qualitative to the quantitative process.
How to create section? On this date in the dual 11 was particularly prominent, first in November was originally sold on the eve of the season, seasonal clothing, digital, home appliances update iteration, this time ahead of the release of pent-up energy sales potential, in addition to the original Singles, also on this 90 after the date given gene, the crowd more fit, then that is how it translates into sales, and 50% off on the one hand, when all the goods, all brand endorsement for this date, when it becomes festive, holiday will become a habit .
4.CEO various destabilize
Electricity supplier's CEO said too unlike a CEO, you must have "on the living room, under the kitchen, playing off the third, dry off the main house." Courage, in addition, CEO squalling only thing better than Aunt advantage a switched of discretion.
In our inventory, when Li Guoqing and Qiang Dong , Liu Qiang East and Sun Weimin, a few countries melee of gambling, about frames, tactics, price wars, Ten Questions Qiang Dong, Wei-Wei you dare to ask, and so inadequate in the ear consumers see excitement, they may not know is that these companies have long clamored for the mice, to the big promotion also waited at the front of the computer to see who cheaper one dollar.
Into 2013, the electricity supplier's CEO war of words suddenly corpuscles, spread wind is changing, consumers have tired of watching this idea that the story, perhaps as an occasional one like Francis Chan's letter addressed to the user, it will really impress consumption person's heart.
5 internal information, chats flying
Whether it is an internal e-mail leaked, or supplier chats, price list leaked, this traditional way of leaking well positioned to meet the consumer's voyeuristic desire, enterprise information passed, PR also achieved its purpose. To double 11, this approach has not become a leak, but through microblogging, web pages and other forms rendered even more naked.
6 Internet-based advertising
Currently on the market is generally divided into public relations department, BD, precision marketing, word of mouth marketing , brand advertising, affiliate marketing, and several other modules. In the future, between the electricity supplier marketing rights will become increasingly blurred, can act as a creative hot microblogging letter object, microblogging can also become advertising material, how to make the flow of creatives can also become an amount not more marketing opportunities.
7 Social Media
Microblogging and micro-channel, before the burst of the original act as a tool to communicate and consumers, along with the rise in this way, we increasingly find that the rise in the microblogging take him as a marketing tool, use it as a brand promotion after 2014 perhaps more appropriate, however.
Also saw many companies CEO, saw to do is fire microblogging microblogging, good morning, good night, and saw the fire follow micro-channel micro-channel. This is actually very user-friendly manner do not understand, but is often so we all know that this method is effective when it has bottomed out during the bonus.
If everything is user-oriented way to think, it will become simple, microblogging, micro letter, QQ, BBS, above all what the crowd gathered, by what means these populations can be activated? Microblogging, fast delivery channels, which will help create topics; micro-channel, closed circle, but the credibility is high, it must be recommended by a friend roles, personal customization recommendation; QQ, QQ key depends on what platform, and If you just rely on QQ mass, spread the world will become simpler, QQ space Shangqie but did not see a lot of potential business opportunities; BBS last to talk about it, to be honest everyone seems he already aging, but it is the depth of the user concentration camps, to understand fanatical "fans" This power may not rely on money and a micro-Bo will be able to return.
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