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Internet giant's "social logic"

Whether Sina, Alibaba, Tencent or Baidu, their platform action, are to cut their own social system to different platforms to target institutions and enterprises marketing. But with the technology and communications situation changes, they are also fully toward social platform transfers. This means that both the mobile social upcoming harvest period, it will be a comprehensive competition intense melee engagement period.
Recalling October this year, China's biggest Internet company, a social engagement platform has been fully upgraded.
Well, they have their own kind of strategy and tactics? What is the logic of war? Whither the next turn?
Ali: From let the user to allow the user to stay
In October, the most popular, of course, the most eye make Ma and his pushing the "exchange."
Various analyzes in this regard, news and reviews already a lot, I am here no longer expand.
On a personal experience point of view, Ma belle full marketing + marketing + free flow means is indeed useful, at least for now, and from the early accumulation of popularity, especially its staff composition, has been better than recent Einfo .
At least, it has gradually formed a relatively active social ecology, not easy to fall into that kind of credulity "tour" a go, immediately deserted the tragic fate.
However, we must continue to move forward, and from the still urgent need to address the core issue, that is, where the user needs?
These big move in front of the focus, all channels, or that is to solve the "allow users to" problem, but the next step, how to "allow users to stay", which is a greater challenge.
Cheap really good, but cheap is not enough light, the user only needs to find the real value will be left behind.
Looking back before some big social platform, QQ micro-foundations of faith and social relations in the chain, games, etc. are realized electricity supplier means, it has been the most aggression forces; happy network is nominally social, in fact, the foundation of the game, can be as small game too easy to be copied, so the decline; microblogging name is social, the foundation in fact in the media, so now have to turn to services and big data; Einfo name is social, but the foundation is actually "have it both ways." , so it looks beautiful, but you can not leave the user.
What is the root of the exchange?
In China the user's instant messaging Tencent a single large case, and from the most realistic and most likely cut approach is to electricity supplier for the root to marketing as root, open up the Want Want, Taobao and other electricity providers systems to them as support the entire core of the system and from the social cohesion.
October 30, and from the new release, and launched a platform of free public account. Some to marketing as the core, had suffered combat micro letter public account has been settled.
Obviously, the idea is very clear between you engage in marketing, I'll let you do, and let you vigorously, as long as you can bring over users, the relationship chain belt over.
Ma and Zhang Xiaolong afraid of network marketing, for fear of social marketing to micro-channel basis hollowed out, could Ma is on, engage in network marketing, Chinese people do not dare to say do Pai Xiongkou over this mighty God, lest he only worried about you engage was not big enough, not enough people to bring!
Next, Ma will be how to do it, and then look.
Sina : microblogging to "return to basics"
October 29, user initiative subscription-based Sina microblogging "fan service platform" formally launched, all authenticated users can apply to use.
Fan service platform will help authenticate users to active subscribers of his fans with exciting content and interactive services, are considered to promote micro-blog from "marketing" platform to a "marketing and service" platform transformation of the important products.
At the same time, announced the launch of fan service platform developer model, fully open to third-party developers.
Sina insiders said that third-party developers to join, is expected to help authenticate the user to better provide for their convenience Subscribe fans, differentiated services, thus further strengthen Sina microblogging platform "Service" value.
Although the current on-line, there seems and Tencent, Ali rivalry feeling, but in fact this platform as early as a month ago, has started closed beta.
More importantly, if the forward comb, this is in fact the platform architecture changes, Sina microblogging overall business carding a new action.
In 2012, there were a large number of micro-Sina bar, micro-publication and other "micro" word at the beginning of the product line, the microblogging system adds a lot of business entry by outsiders as Sina Weibo value inside the cutting means.
But now, these services have been fully adjusted, such as micro-Journal, has stopped development, integration to other teams.
Sina insiders, the core idea of ​​these adjustments is to allow micro-Bo is no longer rendered complex business systems, but "getting back to basics," back "information flow", "private letter flow" two basic data and business simply come.
In simple terms, the user is no longer seen various "micro" prefix products, but only the messages and private letters, product functional design and integration into the background.
"Now Sina microblogging direction, in two streams, based on the platform from a marketing platform transition to marketing + services." The source said.
At the same time, Sina microblogging update speed has been fully accelerated, mobile client update rate accelerated from two months to one month, small run, move it as far as possible with the pc client experience consistent user experience to avoid fragmentation.
This year, Sina microblogging is accelerating its pace of product updates, increase platform "service" value extension. This year in May, began to throw Page microblogging concept, based on the original microblogging page, provide to the user a richer, differentiated multi-functional services.
Regardless of these measures can not let Sina microblogging "second spring", but at least from the point of view I feel, indeed heavier than before, more chaotic service experience much better, worth the wait.
Tencent: public platform to accelerate open
October 29, Tencent micro-channel platform for new public beta test version is also open.
There are four major new version updates, including opening a new certification system, support services number for the new micro-channel authentication, the new answering system developers as well as more than 380 details of the interface revision.
Points are worth noting: a new version of the opening of the high-technology interface all free; 2, the new version of the open interface only for the service number; 3, the new version of the service number only enterprises or institutions to apply, individuals can not apply, and the introduction of a third-party professional organizations qualification examination.
Obviously, through the upgrade, Tencent once again the increased number of public service platform weight.
This corresponds, in some marketing group, the recent cries rang some, Tencent new "marketing queen" ban once again begin to exert.
With several other strong by the weak are advised to make every effort to different take advantage of the more active Tencent calm, indeed able to win homes.
Tencent's ideas have been very clear, although the addition to games, micro-channel is bound to pay the loop is complete, open O2O marketing ecology, cut a big cake, but it also does not want to subvert the commercialization of its own social ecology roots.
Therefore, micro-channel number on the one hand continue to tighten the living space of the media, marketing, public crackdown number, service number while gradually increasing the authority and cooperation depth.
So, micro-channel with institutional and corporate marketing services space for expanding cooperation, but the impact on the user social experience were minimized.
Can be expected, with open interfaces authority to further expand, micro-channel will also be "Taobao" of: more service numbers will become micro-channel platform "light application" or "micro-site", and micro-channel, will become connected them with Users of the "land bridge."
Baidu : Post Bar is also a big kill
Compared with several other, Baidu fact, there is no force in the social, the most attention recently, or 8% of revenue in financial market shock, "one hundred hair."
Why am I still here come the Baidu column?
In fact, Baidu is not without social networking, but has not reached the big battleground instant messaging only.
In fact, Baidu still has a "big kill": Post Bar. Ten years of experience not only interested in the contents of the theme words together to create the most in line with people's social platform communication features, but a step in the brewing, open B2B, B2C, C2B's platform operators road.
Popularity of the Internet, allows companies not only need to have a "front door" for consumers to understand their own, must also have a can achieve "resident users and to achieve in-depth exchanges" platform.
If the previous Baidu search help companies achieve a "front door" guiding role, then you can paste it features its community platform to help enterprises build a "back garden", resident consumers and achieve efficient interaction.
First look at a set of data: the number of users paste it has now reached 600 million people; interest it reached more than 800 ten thousand; nearly 100 million daily average number of posts, views over two billion times.
Since paste it mostly based on user interest, so the activity of this platform is also very potential and value. With interest as a link, to build up the depth between strangers to acquaintances social pipes. Users not only loyal, but very active. The potential value is undoubtedly solve the "users come from" and "how to leave users" double difficulty.
In fact, Baidu has begun operations.
First in the form of products, and paste it has carried out a new revision, for the first time in a different interest labels more than 800 ten thousand paste it to aggregate the classification, each user can have their own special interest in home, and sync to get through the PC side and mobile phone client.
Second, since a few months earlier, paste it more constantly invited, including business, media, institutions and other partners settled. And started in some enterprises and star paste it platform "test the water" Operators official bar, offering corporate official authorization and customization services. Companies can use a platform to interest and paste it on the basis of the innate geographical advantage, and create a new marketing model to adapt to consumers' soft.
Obviously, Baidu Post Bar is trying to go by decades of accumulated massive amount of active users, ground gas and other characteristics, for enterprises to create "garden", further user stickiness adhesion paste it settled on the platform in the enterprise.
In summary, both the Sina, Ali, Tencent, Baidu still, their platform action, are to cut their own social system to different "open platform" or "service platform" to target institutions and corporate marketing market.
In the past, these markets or online, or where other platforms, such as Taobao.
But with the technology and communications situation changes, they are full shift toward social platform, which is why Ma full force of the key reasons: to and from the significance lies not only offensive, also lies in defense.
This means that the upcoming both mobile social harvest period, it will be a comprehensive competition intense melee engagement period.
Different social products, how solid front, cutting benefits, Judai time to look.

News Source: Sohu it
Author: Wang Yunhui

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