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This is no this world hot spots, the more people involved, it became a hot spot. Mom call me again after this comic fire, a lot of friends asking how to successfully make a case Mi mother spread phenomenon, read this article, I hope for your help. We know that the spread of heat depends on the technical aspects of a content and psychological level. In these two levels, and there are several decisive factor.

This is no this world hot spots, the more people involved, it became a hot spot.
  Mom call me again after this comic fire, a lot of friends asking how to successfully make a case Mi mother spread phenomenon, read this article, I hope for your help.
  We know that the spread of heat depends on the technical aspects of a content and psychological level. In these two levels, and there are several crucial factors:
  First look at the technical level

  1, Sina Weibo launched, led three transmission chain
  Proliferation of micro-blog content is essentially the same as with the bulk SMS, the wider the range of your hair, the more people know. This is the basis of information flow properties. In my mother call me once (hereinafter referred to as "mom hit me") this event, Sina Weibo (Note Sina Weibo, which is the mother hit me hot promoters.) Respectively the upper right corner of the text input field Top ranked second chain and text links were promoted in power under such a strong channel to form a preliminary diffusion of the first round of content. And after the initial spread of small series Weibo content should be part of the Reds and the account of communication, they arranged for the second time spread. This is because of a spread to the Reds (push hands) as the core of the point and interesting content, more precise spread to the Reds fans, this is the second round of the spread. Then, Reds fans began to spontaneously create content, this is the third round of the spread, a whole chain of transmission on this form. (Of course, some would say a lot of companies have done a blue V content adaptation, increasing the proliferation of content, but personally feel blue V should be classified in the third round of Reds fans, so much here that will be mentioned later in .)
  After the spread of chain formation, mom hit me content brings two voices for and against, but in any case, have caused a lot of controversy. There are concerns on behalf of the controversial, there is concern naturally spread. At this time, we quit pushing hands, UGC into natural propagation become spread growth.
  2, making content generator, convenient universal fight face
  Dissemination of good pictures because the class content Weibo characteristics of the decision, but the biggest difficulty is that the picture type of content adaptation difficulty, PS is not all that will be used. Even if it will not necessarily have the time or energy to have the will to do adaptation. But then with the generator, it is not only the content of an independent existence, but there is no difficulty of the operation of a template. In recent years, the runaway popularity of comics, largely because they have developed a content generator that allows anyone to easily put their ideas into where and share them all.
  Where, in the mother hit me after content generator line, (I always think people are doing the wave generator waves themselves) on a large number of UGC content line, full face began to fight.
  This day, I am concerned about the content of the outbreak period is after 4:00 pm on Friday. 1, Friday precisely this point in time we motivation to work, time to start messing around. 2, after a day of content fermentation, hot already formed. 3, the line generator, the generator is the catalyst that greatly accelerate the pace of information explosion mom hit me content.
  3, strange and twisted plot design, participants release pleasure
  This is the most difficult technical level, because the realization of plot design and technology, the need to accumulate a lot of psychological knowledge. So planning creative content itself is blend of technology and psychology. Chaintech transfer content requires a tight fit design. There's something I do not understand, so shallow talk. First, the title of the article, all 80 should be seen a movie called my mother love me once again. It is a film full of warmth, but also part of the 80 collective memories. So when my mother call me once when the title appears, first awakened everyone's memories, a lot of people because of the curious points into it, sparked controversy.
  Secondly, the four-frame comic content, using a head two children book style (also the collective memory after 80), then the two are supposed to go on to subvert the content. This strange and twisted twist of black humor and drama just to show the most conflict. In addition, there is little comic daughter should be in primary school teacher called on everyone to learn a good example, also called "other people's children," This image has been deeply rooted in countless repetitions, the exchange is now called the school saying tyrants, we Some people have such hatred. So when you see the role of science Pa beaten, we all have the "other people's children is finally out of luck."'s Anshuang mentality, but the batterer or learn tyrants his mother, two perfect character to appear in the hedge, and learn Pa This hatred of his mother's role in the low value of a strong ethical stance to fight hate tyrants value of the high school, everyone kind of "finally out of the mouth of foul smells," refreshment.
  Let me say the following psychological
  4, evoke a sense of guns into the map
  Ah, we first do not spray me, this time of year, bring a sense of the times has been interconnected network analysis division say the wind from the water. Millet is a fan brought a sense of marketing, micro-payment is the scenario into a sense of the letter, the Coca-Cola label into a sense of personality, Durex is ... oh, Durex now because marketing is a myth, I do not know that it will not bring analysts there is a sense of honor ...
  In this cartoon, I want to say into a sense of comic content with our relevance. First, the red people making or forwarding content is basically for the constellations and occupation, the scope of this attack has exceeded map artillery, is a personal will certainly be summed up which, when we see this kind of content, we will has had contact in the heart and comics.
  After that, when we looked at comics and Anshuang, our emotions are evoked tucao. With the generator, we can produce a unique tucao our hearts content, create personalized content to satisfy themselves, and to share, let friends see our creativity. This psychological sense and generators into operation brought about a sense of fitting into the mood of our hearts, like a knife, across our numb nerves. Like a shovel, leveled small Jitu our hearts.
  5, since black is black and young loved expression
  Mom beat me to get a lot of attention reasons, but also that we are dissatisfied with the surrounding environment. Friday afternoon I made use of generators Vice figure, mother: daughter, your boyfriend is doing? Daughter: Dry Internet. "WHACK!." I took this picture sent in my circle of friends, points like follow. This is my self-black, but my friends have said, "Once accepted this setting, the feeling is still pretty cute too.", "Hacked so happy, think about his girlfriend, also a bit small excited about it. "What is the spirit? Since we have not only brought the black for their own lives tucao, it is possible for others to feel a kind of 'know you too well, I balanced mind' feeling, which is a psychological level allies sense, we can use this feeling of self-consolation.
  Of course, behind this feeling, is a similar to the "Beat Generation" youth culture environment. This environment brought about by the impact of values ​​similar to Ginsberg's "Howl" in the United States throughout 1956. After the death of a rising channel blocked confusion, panic is the lack of security is the use of traditional values ​​and conduct contrary to the values ​​of self-resistance. (Sorry, I advanced a ...)
  Also, when this feeling spread After that, we were in active thinking or topic initiator will find a vanity to be concerned about the flu caused by the sense of presence are met.
  Of course, this attitude has brought groups of infection also spread to other industries. I believe that if I tucao is PR, will be point to point like explosion.
  6, in order to KPI, blue V on the hot content extreme hunger
  Finally, I would like to say I said before blue V participation. Social media marketing do not know when it became synonymous with marketing. We have to KPI, had to quickly grab a hot brand transplant. So, Blue V craving for hot content has exceeded the scope of its own that can be controlled (to say here is that blue V, Blue V contains more than microblogging small series, but also a manifestation of corporate social marketing ideas.) In this kind of out of control, creativity becomes imitation, shoddy ideas abound. Just the past few months, there have been countless companies to do the "headlines", "Zhang too", "I stayed partner", "Tyrant as a friend", but these efforts are ineffective, are you a fan of microblogging small partners forget watching garbage debris. In the fast-paced marketing demands of different social hotspots constantly / hot words to the peak, and after the summit, the word became popular vulgar words being abandoned Internet. Yuan Fang, you remember the Daming Lake comes in different forms it?
  Mom hit me in the fiery behind this event, we see a blue V of energy, they were broadcast as a hotspot, relying on the strength of the collective imitation event Pengdao peak. Then, we see that just over a weekend, gone sound, as if never had the same.
  The tragedy is that such content was as creative imitation transplantation, such as the majority of adaptation contest was blue V assessment, such as the line was impetuous marketing regulations.
  Do not ask me how to do, because I'm just in a majority of the blue V.

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