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Jay Chou and Vincent Fang interactive advertising show

Jay Chou and Vincent Fang and coming out this old partner, but this is not playing music - after entering both the director community, the two began co-huh advertisement for the Audi Q3 shot "cross" the film version of the interactive micro- . 
Two creative director explained

It is called "cross-border" because the idea of music and traditional advertising does look very different people. Plot development and decision by the majority of users to interact with micro-movie mode compared taken, this interaction has taken a novel approach by Jay co-directed with Vincent Fang micro film: the story of the male and female were presented by two screens out, including both intersection also has two individual stories, and watching only when users need to drag in the middle of the screen you can see part of the axis of the male and female of a different story. Cool thing is the story of two way dialogue also uses a dual-channel expression, netizens can wear headphones to feel. (Interactive experience please visit the Audi Q3 official homepage )

No dual axis version of the full story

In addition to fun addition, Jay and Vincent Fang also want to show a handful of his storytelling ability through such an interactive way. But the story itself, obviously larger than the contents of the form or to some more. On the other hand, for Audi, the invited two renowned musicians as advertising director for news value effects probably have more than the idea itself.
Audi Q3 dual interactive advertising trailer

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