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"Youth can not be bullied" How detonated Chinese social networks within 48 hours

November 29th and 30th, two days in the Chinese social network most red is a "19-year-old boy" and his hot-air balloon. November 29, a so-called "New Youth Art Team" of micro-channel public number NIKOEDWARDS published an article entitled "Youth can not be bullied," the article. The text of the actor called Niko, is a "19-year-old ordinary teenager," he and his team at September 8 daily balloon will send aerial camera and GPS, and successfully captured the earth look. Niko then use text, screenshots and sound recordings and other means, and we explained the Internet company Youku producer is a step by step how to "guide" Niko Share shooting method, and a suit with the same idea in a street in the street commercial advertising films and gives Tencent video on the video link. He also specifically pointed out that they are "Asia's first shot of the Earth student." Niko said street street video camera to learn the use of balloons hanging, and even photographs of the Earth's method is described in a number of team members are completely copied at the time to share your own thoughts, and copy their pictures taken with the Earth in the video. End of the paper, Niko was very angry and said:. "If a juvenile age, and because there is such a rugged existence of any plagiarism, who would dare to creation, who would dare to go to create for this era, to play" in this article The next day (November 30) 11:09 isNIKOEDWARDS from micro-channel public platform also forwarded to their own micro-blog. Microblogging platform more open compared to the micro-channel, anyone can see the article, in addition to the "big company plagiarism juvenile creative", "Youku" "unfamiliar street," and a series of keywords also make the article on social Suddenly platforms such as virus-like spread. 

How fast is 4G LTE? DoCoMo teach you three seconds fried prawns

"There are six ingredients prawns," Asuka has just introduced a young hostess was Aunt interrupted, "So began." Aunt let Asuka put on goggles, then egg yolks, flour, shrimp and other ingredients into a variety of transmitters, "the rest of the touch of a button." When the same audience and Asuka is unknown, the energy coming up ...... and exploding with a loud scream Asuka, fried prawn better. Did not see? Here is the slow-motion playback ...... rock music, the prawns wrapped in high-speed flight in the eggs, flour, complete heating, final accurate intraday fall, get! Aunt did not forget to ask: "delicious, right?" Imitated food program actually columns of the ingredients list, in addition to those strange red part of the machine, as well as LTE line. "DoCoMo FULL LTE coverage expanding" ...... 
"Tomorrow, I will introduce the three seconds dumplings" ...... ......

Momo new ad: We'll try to live this way

Following the "total novelty in the side", Momo there are new moves to "your story from start street" as the theme of the new series of commercials has landed major TV and online video platform. It is reported that a total of five in this series of ads will be replaced by "a bowl of dry noodles", "tattoo Story," "Friends town", "wonderful trip," "Teenage Dream Space" tells the story of five Momo Typical users meet new friends and gain new friendships through Momo, make life more wonderful stories, and audience reach emotional resonance.


57.1 billion, 11.11 feast

2014 tmall double eleven day trading and ultimately to score a record 57.1 billion yuan, but the Ali Group's two-eleven is not over.

tmall double eleven number "Feast"

In tmall double eleven day 57.1 billion deal, announced in accordance with the proportion of mobile terminals 42.6%, to calculate turnover of about 24.1 billion yuan. Statistics of the number of orders for the rookie Logistics 278 million last year to 150 million. Double eleven day, totaling 217 countries / regions who produce traded on the tmall.

TOP1-10 these countries / regions: Hong Kong, Russia, the United States, Chinese Taipei, Australia, Canada, Macau, Brazil, Spain.

Domestic area, double eleven turnover of the top ten provinces: Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong, Sichuan, Beijing, Hubei, Hunan, Henan.

20 list of the top row of single-store sales tmall: 1 millet, 2 Huawei, Haier, 3, 4 Lin Wood, 5 Uniqlo, 6 Korean homes have clothes, 7Jack Jones, 8 Carolina textile, 9 Meizu, 10 Friends of the entire household, 11 Peacebird, 12 Gree, 13 camels clothing, 14 music as TV, 15 Hisense TV, 16 GXG, 17 TCL, 18 Mercury, 19 Anna Rich, 20 Cobos.


2014 Tmall 11.11 Shopping Festival Copy write

All kinds of POP from Tmall/JD/Amazon/Suning/Dangdang









War on microblogging: Ali and "IT Times"

yesterday's media industry, the Internet industry in an uproar, its origins from the first known Chinese Internet public relations public relations director Yan Qiao Alibaba's a long microblogging. Yan Qiao real name "IT Times" and affiliated websites "IT Business News Network" long-term stress and malicious injury by the opinion of Alibaba Group goodwill issue.15:14 pm yesterday, microblogging real name certified as "public relations director of Alibaba Group," Yan Qiao release long microblogging real name to report "IT Times" and affiliated websites "IT Business News Network" long-term stress and malicious by public opinion Alibaba Group goodwill regarding injuries. And pointed out that "IT Times" multiple direct or implied Ali Group maintained its "close contact", and made ​​improper demands.


Prior to July, in a quiet period listed Alibaba Group issued a "quiet period of sound." Said public opinion is experiencing organized extortion, its statement noted that agencies require Ali invested $ 300,000 buyout to a weekly and some negative articles about Ali reports from the media people made. Ali said that the threat will not forbear and concessions, has Hangzhou police. A weekly statement mentioned that "IT Times."

Meanwhile, Yan Qiao also called Alibaba have similar experiences and industry colleagues together to face. Subsequently, microblogging real name certified as "Jiayuan vice president of public relations and government affairs" 周忠孝 at 15:51 forwarding Yan Qiao long microblogging, said "IT Times" extortion Jiayuan things the court has filed a. And pointed out that "IT Times" it's Business News Network qualification insufficiency, it is recommended together with reports of Alibaba. Then, 周忠孝 is the reason set forth in this matter the number of micro-Bo, said the department has published reports.

Then, yesterday afternoon 17:26, Yan Qiao then send a micro-blog, pointed out that "IT Times" editor had in 2012, director of public relations for GE Shuang Suning awarded "Annual spread Award", and points to the cool and Ge brother and sister relationship Ge armor. Friends shouted: got it! So why Xu Ge A person?

I believe scientific articles often see students are more familiar with him: Ge A famous person from the media, the Internet analyst, the article reported that Ali mostly negative content-based.And in the last year, it was because the Tigers broke their olfactory founder Lee Min strained, but pointed out that it was originally written in both Ali negative news has a great relationship with Lee Min, this event also makes the reputation of the tiger sniffing the hit.

The Yen tweets tells Joe and Ge Ge A cool this special relationship, seems to imply that Ge A with the "IT Times" That's an unusual relationship. And this, Ge A release yesterday 22:10 Sina blog on the matter in view : to prove the others black, can not give you whiten. 

Out of the big things, "IT Times" could not respond. So, yesterday, 21:10, "IT Times" on its official micro-blog on Ali Baba "real name" being made solemn declaration, statement that the magazine 13 years ago, insisted journalistic ethics and journalistic ethics, never authorized anyone Any organization with Alibaba Group Acting Articles behavioral "maintain close relations," said. Sina user @ Yan Qiao and distorted the facts, deliberately slander, intimidation and media behavior, serious damage to the "IT Times," the reputation, and will soon propose to the court legal proceedings.

Subsequently, public relations director Yan Qiao Ali tweeting yesterday 22:23 respond: First, I am pleased to respond, would like to see the truth; Second, when disguised "news" into millions of words in your magazine articles malicious violation of goodwill When you have automatically lost to press in the name of protecting their qualifications; three, do not ass, it is recommended to talk to your magazine or the judiciary as well as the competent authorities to explain it; four, huh. So far, most of the day yesterday and continued the event finally come to an end. For this matter, as an outsider, did not give results before the Court, we can not give conclusive.Internet world, has always been no shortage of hot spots. Ali threw out this question before the listing, no doubt to make the road to market more flat smooth Bale. The "IT Times" Whether it has not been blackmail, but this also pocketed the eye of users, popularity is skyrocketing. See dialectical perspective: For the crisis, who can turn "crisis" as a "machine", it will win. Finally, let us look at the big V 'point:



Sunscreen new idea: Do not hide, come sun it

Sunscreen new idea: Do not hide, come sun it

When we talk about sunscreen when we talking about? Small diamond, white bottles, SPF value soared all the way to high ...... major skin care brands rushed to defend the war broke out the summer sun, such as Neutrogena launched the "sun no dead ends" and "sports afraid of the sun", olay "1 trick isolated 10 tanning light "sunscreen philosophy, all kinds of creative updates out to the streets. However, when these sunscreen products are competing in the high-powered SPF fuss, advocates armed when the sun is not afraid, but its sun MAXAM New shouted "Do not hide, come sun it!" Slogan, unashamedly challenge sun. In the opposite strategy, MAXAM is how to persuade consumers "to the sun it" it?

Step1: creative posters, started the "suction eye," the first battle

MAXAM publicity sunscreen New Products: Oscar bottle - MAXAM Gentle care sunscreen, first in its official microblogging, letter pages released three creative posters, to the effect that its sun into "white eyes", "gossip face", "yin and yang back", as boldly to the sun. The "white eyes", "gossip face", "yin and yang back" is wearing sunglasses, hats and parasols shape after drying marks. Thus, MAXAM think through such exaggerated expressions conveyed to consumers: under sunglasses, hats, parasols cover its hide, as painted MAXAM Oscar bottles, high-powered sunscreen capability allows consumers laid down out of the shadows bold ideas to enjoy the sunshine.

Step2: Free application + Lynx shopping guide

 in this group of posters to attract the attention of consumers, while on the other hand, MAXAM do is so that they can actually feel the strength of the product. MAXAM set up special page called friends "Do not hide, come sun it!" While also providing consumers with channels for free use, and enables them to personally experience the new product sunscreen strength in the Pacific Fashion Network, YOKA Fashion Network. At the same time, MAXAM Lynx official flagship store opened "Do not hide, come sun it!" Sunscreen special, designed to allow the trial did not receive, and consumers interested in the product can successfully purchase.

Step3: skin care experts and fashion Daren fueled by

word of mouth promotion in social networks, MAXAM introduced skincare experts and fashion Daren for KOL, from product composition analysis and product experience point of view, to make a professional review and recommendation , giving consumers more confidence in the product.

When the authority of experts to share their experiences after MAXAM efficacy and selling products have been excellent presentation and effective communication, caused a lot of friends on the product's curiosity and led to more active on the microblogging Daren Beauty "Beauty King and chemists" and "attack attack sheep" spontaneous comments on the product. It is also because of their recommendation, so that users have to change the stereotype of the brand, increasing the product's favor.

No matter what network marketing activities carried out, the key is to make the target audience to understand the advantages of their products, and cause their high level of interest and concern. Re-use of force spread of social media, to get substantial exposure, and interactive nature of social media and unmatched influence the make products get a lot of favorability.


QQ-ads2014 The most outstanding thing wanted

2014 The most outstanding thing wanted

NO.1: procrastination flooding, seriously affecting work, study law, it is time to launch a counterattack.

NO.2: We do not lack passion, no shortage of dreams, perseverance alone just does not stick in the end. Completion of the weight loss goals this summer Goodbye to fat Say.

NO.3: graduation season, do not break up. Feelings are not instant, miserably youth games, need to digest lengthy formative years

NO.4: learn tyrants, learn slag, learn Cock ...... Chinese-style education has created more and more new people, but for young people, the love is also a required course.

NO.5: talent show show festival parade, it is better to do to entertain yourself. Regardless of the stage and more open, whether or not people appreciate, courage to sing his own faction is superior.

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