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Happy New Year. 2014


Morning sunlight falls on his face, the movie screen is very very cold scene, standing on the balcony you can see very far. If it is not on the calendar prompt will want to come today, and as usual, calm. 

Some will lament this time of year, said a good thing to do early, there are always a few pieces will be very consciously did not finish, so leave the ending moment of regret. Think early, inadvertently set off a network of small carnival, explosive moment to marvel at the side of social media, social media side of horror in the hubbub of powerlessness.

Pitch, overtime, reform program, updating the website, trivial and repetitive work, is the main theme in 2013. (In fact, the past few years have been entangled pair work so bird-like, Fuck!) Course outside of work, there are still a lot of things and memories worth remembering. 

For example, moving from the close proximity of the bustling city, far from populated rural life, into a retreat, a time-consuming than the rate of speed, a morning and evening for 60 minutes and escape the raid, is the distance between work and life, as well as heart distance from the outside world, not leave town without dust. Such as books, in fact, should be Tuen book. From professional buy several earlier, and now slowly broadens the scope to buy books, and more inclined to respect cultural life. For example bugger weekdays appears to be very important when you change the angle or position, have to look at when they did so must be made. 

Yesterday buy a book on WECHAT, like moving from the year of the siege Ali fight with blood and Tencent, the move next year will be more down to earth, it must be filled at full speed of knowledge in this area. If you pay attention to this year's Technology blog, we can also see Internet banking, the congregation raised, education, big data, wearable devices, 3D printing, etc., although these are associated with advertising is not very direct, but the middle of the resulting joint action is very subtle, especially large data, almost all businesses are in trouble how to find a better consumer product sales and even related products, which not only requires the accumulation of the underlying data, and more importantly, data mining analysis, and Technical support, which is not only a strategy or creative best to solve. This advertising is concerned, would be a system of recycling value redistribution, in short, no technical difficulties inaccurate results. 

Also, if you pay attention and then several advertising media industry, you will see there are a lot of staff turnover, but not another hill own company. And mostly satisfied with the status quo is the kind of regressed creative people, but to see what was out of the street, or a TVC (or micro-video), a series of flat artwork (or network of aircraft draft), several grassroots nonsense soft paper . Really do not think there is any difference with the previous system in 4A below, poor, do not! Agents storytelling to create content for the brand, which everyone is content for the social era shouting king, is that a correct nonsense. Is communicate Did not matter what the content? Is how to retain customers after conversion or communication is not important? That what is not nonsense it? I do not know. 

Strange coming year, is the most pro-XX yesterday. Thanked the past 2013. 
I wish you a Happy New Year.


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