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LinkedIn China, this is only the first step

LinkedIn China

Now, if you enter the URL directly in the "", will be directed directly to the world's largest professional social network - LinkedIn official website. This means that LinkedIn has acquired domain. And if by setting the LinkedIn website language to Simplified Chinese, you will find that it has more than a new Chinese name: "collar Britain."

In the right side of the site, you will find " expansion brought the British vein , grasp the unlimited opportunities" Slogan, and the addition of Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo as an option to add contacts. Furthermore , called " collar British network" LinkedIn China also provides NetEase mailbox , QQ mailbox , Gmail mailbox Outlook mailbox and import personal contacts and other " discovery" of new contacts , rather in the English version , these correspond options are options to add new contacts Gmail, Hotemail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, AOL mail , and customized personal mail and so on. In addition , LinkedIn does not offer the option by the global version of Twitter and Facebook, add new contacts through social networking accounts - this should be the difference in the initial startup LinkedIn China , taking into account the costs associated with obtaining the user's way , based on the user's e-mail use frequent users than the United States as well as the specific features of the local social and communication tool , used products, " localization " to improve the way .

It PingWest understood , LinkedIn Chinese version of " collar British network" was Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo depth cooperation. Users not only can " lead the British network" to add a new career contacts through Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo , can also be found on Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo , such as "Are you concerned about × × × has led Britain to join the network "and other tips to guide and lead the new user registration . In addition, the user sends the message content on LinkedIn, the Chinese version can also be a unique Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo Share button to share a key to go up two microblogging social platform . Data PingWest learned is roughly : Currently involved in testing and have been imported through the microblogging platform LinkedIn Chinese version of the user , the proportion of users from Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo is roughly 3:1.

Currently LinkedIn Simplified Chinese version of " collar British network" is still in the early testing stages , in addition to most users need to invite registered outside , some of the core features are also not yet available. For example , to maintain close interaction between LinkedIn contacts " group " (Groups) function in Chinese beta version on No appear. In addition, the global version for LinkedIn Influencer program provides invited professionals to set up a number of areas on the LinkedIn column published articles in Simplified Chinese collar British No online also provide this service ( I myself was one of LinkedIn Influencer, but after switching to the Chinese version , this feature can not be used to display ) .

This means that a lot of it comes to social networking LinkedIn addition to the core values ​​- " content creation " feature on LinkedIn Chinese version currently can not provide . Due to regulatory requirements of China's domestic laws and regulations, user -generated content on new media , this service may still to be. But PingWest learned , LinkedIn China has started to recruit local professional editing team responsible for compiling LinkedIn selectively influential people in the world (Influencer) columns , and the development of Chinese local columnist team.

In addition, according PingWest confirmed , like most social networks and content providers to provide overseas Internet companies like , LinkedIn Chinese local companies adopt the form of joint venture operations . There are two joint venture partners , in addition to earlier rumors Tian had led to Evernote and Amazon AWS cloud services into China Broadband Capital , there Sequoia Capital .

Linkedin is currently China local team in operations, sales , business development partnerships, marketing and public relations oriented. Still in Mountain View, California headquarters for the Chinese local products optimized product and engineering teams .

Can confirm that this is only the first step in relations with China LinkedIn happen next , LinkedIn will publish some of the more important news with local Chinese partners.


Beauty teach you to read luxury brands

Beauty teach you to read luxury brands

 Advertising by a beauty teach you how to read these common name luxury brands, this beauty with extraordinary allure, tease the viewer's nerves, has a very good appeal, making the viewer able to bring this up to three minutes video watching, immersive, and finally the sudden appearance of the brand, the website allows the viewer a rude awakening: FUCK cheated, turned out to be ad!