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Lee Min Ho's "Ouba effect"

With drama "heirs" the hit, Han Lee Min Ho fame in China popularity, became a fan of hundreds of millions of men and women of God. Horse spring night, Lee Min Ho and Harlem duet "last resort" in the vast majority of the audience did not understand the lyrics he sings what is the meaning of the case, easily won the highest ratings of the evening broadcast. When fifteen-year-old sister and five-year-old aunt are in for this so-called leg over 1.1 m of Obama screaming crazy when only men in tears, "Lee Min-ho, get out of the show" microblogging hot topic Like silently point. Legs light and heat, of course Obama can not just sway on the screen, the end of January 2014, Alibaba announced that Lee Min Ho became Taobao mobile client spokesperson. So, Lee Min Ho has not only become the first to climb the Korean Gala, and now also the first foreigner to speak Taobao.

Feb. 9, a group of outdoor print ads for the phone Taobao Lee Min Ho shot landing in Beijing Metro Line 1, Taobao "3.8 Life Day" rally. Also a 45-second TVC also has on-line, by Lee Min Ho dining, a roller coaster, trying on clothes, watching movies, K songs, a rich scene change, a big show phone Taobao convenient.

An interesting episode is: TVC before the official release, ahead of the release of the phone Taobao TVC shoot footage, and also very chicken thief to be uploaded into the next in succession. But even just a few tidbits have been enough to make fans excited. Fans spontaneous shots in the video footage made gif action figure, the amount of hundreds of hundreds of microblogging forward, Obama's appeal is evident.

For avid fans, just "Lee Min Ho" is the name that is electricity, is light, and is the only myth. It is said that Lee Min Ho filming the ad, the scene caused nearly ten thousand people watching, it also received the "blocking God" title. Advertising is not the propagation first, Bo had not finished enough news pages, fully verify what is called "popular is the first productive force." It is reported that Lee Min Ho's endorsement fee has now risen to five million yuan a year, the commercial value of unlimited. First, regardless of how the final piece TVC into effect, just "Lee Min Ho commercials for a brand," the objective fact itself has become the best advertising.Alibaba, said: "Online trading is the most important part to be resonating with consumers, build trust relationships Korean actor Lee Min Ho in China set off a huge boom, so we chose him as a spokesperson.."

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