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Kind of miss, MADE IN CHINA

A palm-leaf fan , a few leather portfolio, those years you worked hard for a certificate and the pile of marbles scattered on the ground ...... branded with our memories of a hot era .

At that time , we did not head the brand , MADE IN CHINA played under the banner of supplies so inadvertently been used for generations , over time, its value had overrun the object itself , as a key to the covered time , they communicated the rustic 's and unusual warmth.

No Versace, Chanel No , no Bulgari , Armani ...... no nothing of a child, we can actually laughed so contented , but rather Now, in order to cater to their heart 's desire is difficult to fill the gully , we began to busy have no time to sit down Koucha , busy parents do not have the leisure to accompany the old good talk , too busy to have no interest in small reward never walked around the plants and trees .

Today, we have long been accustomed to use a field of the high cost of travel to deliberately create peace of mind , different only in that it was really fun , although it was also taking the pace , but the heart has never let go , because too many people believe , happy, happy , elegant, beautiful all get together and we can not arrive together in the ocean .

But you know, when I look at these old things MADE IN CHINA , heart thrown Nazhen warmth , California sun drying out, because that above carrying your parents , grandparents ...... they traveled touched and warm, there is that you can not go back in childhood.


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