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57.1 billion, 11.11 feast

2014 tmall double eleven day trading and ultimately to score a record 57.1 billion yuan, but the Ali Group's two-eleven is not over.

tmall double eleven number "Feast"

In tmall double eleven day 57.1 billion deal, announced in accordance with the proportion of mobile terminals 42.6%, to calculate turnover of about 24.1 billion yuan. Statistics of the number of orders for the rookie Logistics 278 million last year to 150 million. Double eleven day, totaling 217 countries / regions who produce traded on the tmall.

TOP1-10 these countries / regions: Hong Kong, Russia, the United States, Chinese Taipei, Australia, Canada, Macau, Brazil, Spain.

Domestic area, double eleven turnover of the top ten provinces: Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong, Sichuan, Beijing, Hubei, Hunan, Henan.

20 list of the top row of single-store sales tmall: 1 millet, 2 Huawei, Haier, 3, 4 Lin Wood, 5 Uniqlo, 6 Korean homes have clothes, 7Jack Jones, 8 Carolina textile, 9 Meizu, 10 Friends of the entire household, 11 Peacebird, 12 Gree, 13 camels clothing, 14 music as TV, 15 Hisense TV, 16 GXG, 17 TCL, 18 Mercury, 19 Anna Rich, 20 Cobos.

This 20 transactions were billions of dollars, which ranked first in the millet was 1.56 billion yuan, much larger than the second Huawei 680 million, ranked 20th also has 104 million.

In addition to a large number of electricity suppliers sellers this year, a total of 317 double eleven nationwide department stores and 1,111 restaurants Senate, but how O2O part of war, currently Ali did not disclose.

Interpretation of double eleven day trading grew situation

November 11, tiger sniffing Jun Ali Live Office observes two-eleven, two eleven-day, single-store tmall millet always ranked first, before twenty basically double eleven floodgates had been fixed, but there have been one or two positions before and after the changes in the ranking. Also in the area of global trade rankings, in addition to two to four changes position, did not change in other countries and regions. Domestic turnover provinces rankings, but also with the provinces, the total population size and GDP echoes, Zhejiang ranked second because of the high level of development of the electricity supplier than the other provinces.

From the double eleven begin within the first minute of trading volume over 300 million, over one billion two minutes, 38 minutes over 10 billion to one hour of time for 12.2 billion, strong growth momentum has slowed down significantly. To 13:00 sharp, just over 30 billion. At 14:00 sharp, tmall combined businesses replenishment, new businesses to join off "once again Hi" after the emergence of a wavelet grow to 16 o'clock when the transaction volume of approximately 41 billion. Since then until the end of the growth has been due to fatigue.

It is worth mentioning that the tmall mobile terminal transactions accounted for more than 62.6% from the first, has been the trend tends to decrease until the final 42.6%. High growth in the overall volume of transactions before the tmall low, it's like premature ejaculation, if not rough rough handling.

The beginning of more than one hour turnover punch is very powerful, because most consumers will own two-eleven before the desired items to add to favorites, grab money. Because of the high proportion of mobile terminal double eleven start has entered late at night, lying in bed next most consumers with a convenient single mobile devices (mainly mobile phones). Once this part of the consumer is complete, double eleven turnover of initial momentum will go on. On the other hand, there have been a lack of business models, the situation is out of stock.

57.1 billion, Ali joy, brand businesses in the carnival

2013 double eleven days cat turnover compared with 2012 two-eleven is 260% YoY growth in 2014 was 58 percent of two-eleven-year growth. No breakthrough 60 billion, did not reach the outside world expected, an interesting imagination, double eleven day Ali shares not up down 3.8 percent.

But with Ma and Ali, this year's two-eleven turnover growth than last year, but with dignity, but also to the subsequent two-eleven leave enough room for expansion, such transactions can not be ruled out Ali subjective controlling factor . Orders from logistics to analyze the situation last year was 150 million parcel number, this year 278 million, an increase of more than 120 million. Last year, two-eleven rookie first put into use, less than six months from its formation, the information flow is only in the integration phase, two-eleven rookie year, the logistics platform has been in warehousing, intermodal transport, bonded, electricity suppliers and other industrial chain integration.

Ali teamed together to create the Goodaymart Haier, the country has more than 90 warehouse, consumer operations centers have also completed this year on the tmall sell all brands of major appliances are completed by Goodaymart distribution (Yong at the end of his speech mentioned this two-eleven).

Similarly, in an interview with CCTV Dialogue Ma part interview, said, "I am worried about something behind the numbers, if you sell four billion, five billion if sold, how many parcels have sent to go get safely to the road can not have a failure, you can not snow, not rain, I am more concerned about these things. "

In 2013 the double 11, the North appears heavy snow, this year there will be no obstruction to natural factors. Orders while rookie in logistics and Goodaymart within the carrying capacity, as well as 2014's entire technology platform withstood the double eleven exams, withstood a two-eleven zero opening large flow into the pressure to upgrade to second bell complete the 70,000 capacity pen orders, trading system nor strong buy and oversold conditions occur (Zhang Yong said in his speech at the end of this year, two-eleven). Therefore, Ma and Ali will be delighted at the back 57.1 billion turnover.

As for this year's two-eleven is brand businesses carnival, a better understanding. The 2014 Double Ten day cat TOP10 with a single store in 2013 Double Ten day cat TOP10 compare a single store, you will find half old faces, the influx of 2014 double eleven TOP10 mobile phones, home appliances brand. But it is undeniable that in addition to millet, Yan Man, Korean homes have clothes that several pure Internet brands, other brands are lines.

In addition to these Internet brand marketing success in the fans, and the line of traditional brands, millions of small and medium businesses contrast, be rich and powerful. Even if every two-eleven is "loss leader" does not matter, two-eleven is not just brush into the TOP list there is a sense, it is a public relations war, thereby enhance brand awareness, effective for the future to win once and for all users. Therefore, they are the two-eleven revelers, and double-eleven days after the cat will inspire.

57.1 billion behind, millions of small businesses and double eleven supporting role in The Lost

2014 double eleven have 27,000 participating merchants, the most ever recorded. Reference 2014 tmall double eleven investment rules, mainly from the following eight dimensions to meet the access threshold for businesses comprehensive consideration: Alipay turnover (days), Paypal turnover (months), store type, length of time to shop, customer price , DSR three (scoring system), service integrated indicators, businesses Scope. And provides participating merchants have 50% OFF (discount).

All these conditions, the two-eleven is the strength of the business in order to participate. Ali, as the organizers, more willing to limited resources entrance, exposed position to the strength of the brand business. The whole Taobao + tmall has over 8.5 million businesses, 27,000 businesses involved in the double eleven tip of the iceberg, and the remaining 8.47 million it not lost in the corner? No meat, the soup, seeking orders transforming surplus flow?

Tiger sniffing Jun asked to participate in this year's two-eleven categories of jewelry businesses, she said, "but it is still a large double eleven players of the game, winner-take-all.." Of course, this is not the fault of Ma and Ali, tmall Taobao ecosystem, jungle jungle destined to change.

Dual eleven days the cat is the protagonist, Jingdong, Suning, Gome these electric providers have become a supporting role, and even some vertical electric providers to act as a guest. Double eleven that day, they have announced their victories.

Jingdong on November 11 0: 00-16: 00, orders Jingdong Mall is 2.3 times last year. 12:49, day trading volume has reached Jingdong Mall last November 11 the day of the transaction amount. Mobile terminal (mobile clients, micro-channel shopping and mobile QQ) orders accounted for the proportion of total orders up to 40%.

Suning announced that, as of 18:00, the station volume 372,156, the growth rate of 712% mobile logistics system every 1 second picking 183.

Their exposure with vague data highlights indeed made some achievements can be compared with the protagonist tmall, just double eleven carnival Self high, unwilling to accept the reality of double eleven lost. The other end is the next line in the two-eleven in retail since high, it is no longer, for example. Overall, this year's two-eleven B2C "clamor" double eleven voices have been smaller.


Everyone's attention when 57.1 billion deal, ignoring the tmall double eleven existing problems, Mr. Lu said, "with the above two-eleven exposed between businesses and we also need a lot of run-in." Double eleven logistics at the information level to achieve transparency, efficiency and quality of the implementation level distribution can not be sure. Double Ten day cat only disclose the number of foreign produce trading areas not currently disclose the transaction amount, so the effect is still unknown. In addition, most of the small businesses unable to obtain traffic bonus double eleven. 57100000000 inside, unspoken rules, the number of single-component brush?


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